Monthly Archives: November 2014

  • Thanksgiving


    “Pass more of that turkey…” “Those mashed potatoes are to die for…” “Aunt Laura killed it with those yams again…” “No thanks, I’m so full…” These are phrases you are…

    Written by Rick Sadle
  • Cheerful Tortoise

    Cheerful Tortoise

    I call it a “Football Fill Up”. Binge watching college football all day on Saturday and the NFL on Sundays. It’s always been one of my favorite autumn activities: Rolling…

    Written by Rick Sadle
  • Grand Central

    Grand Central

    What comes to mind when you think of bowling? If you’re like me, you think of weird seats that seesaw back and forth, and they’re usually quite uncomfortable. You think of cheap,…

    Written by Rick Sadle
  • G-LIMO


    Portland, Oregon is known for many things, not the least of which are its astounding natural beauty and its wine culture. Wine tours in the Pacific Northwest, and particularly in…

    Written by Rick Sadle
  • Ghostbusters


    We all know the song. We all know how to complete the phrase, “Who ya gonna call?” Ghostbusters! Of course. I always wanted to be a Ghostbuster. I mean, what…

    Written by Rick Sadle
  • East Side Deli

    East Side Deli

    It is possible that there is a person on the planet that does not like sandwiches, but I can’t imagine they would be pleasant to be around. With so many…

    Written by Rick Sadle
  • NW BBQ and Grilling School

    NW BBQ and Grilling School

    I’m a great cook. I’m not being cocky or fat headed. Just being accurate. I can turn anything edible into something stupendous. My wife appreciates this because it takes the…

    Written by Rick Sadle
  • Hockey in Portland, the Winterhawks

    Hockey in Portland, the Winterhawks

    When it comes to spectator sports, you have your big three: football, basketball, baseball. In Portland, Oregon that means the Portland Trailblazers, the Seattle Seahawks/Oregon Ducks/Oregon State Beavers/Portland State Vikings,…

    Written by Rick Sadle
  • Cathedral Park Neighborhood

    Cathedral Park Neighborhood

    Knowledge is power and living in the Cathedral Park Neighborhood of Portland, Oregon, next door to the historic St. John’s Neighborhood, provides you with knowledge. Imagine living in a neighborhood…

    Written by Rick Sadle