Monthly Archives: April 2016

  • Lents


    Regardless of where we choose to live, I think many of us thrive on the hustle and bustle and fast pace of city living. Whether you make your home in…

    Written by Rick Sadle
  • Cruize In Country Diner

    Cruize In Country Diner

    I haven’t consciously made the decision to eat less red meat… it’s just happened, and to the great benefit of my waist line and cholesterol level. But, this does not…

    Written by Rick Sadle
  • TartBerry


    It’s true. We were offered dessert at the Pastina Pasteria and it is true that we declined that offer. We did not decline, however, because we were craving something sweet.…

    Written by Rick Sadle
  • Pastini Pasteria

    Pastini Pasteria

    After filling our cultural stomachs, minds and eyes with some of the most wondrous artwork ever created by man, we exited the Portland Art Museum and our tummies were rumbling.…

    Written by Rick Sadle