Monthly Archives: May 2017

  • Not Just a Place

    Not Just a Place

    Portland, Oregon is not just a place to hang your fedora; it’s not just a place to ride or bike or Vespa, over the bridges, to work at a consignment…

    Written by Rick Sadle
  • Shandong


    After my last visit to Lan Su Chinese Garden, I worked up a serious appetite. And, since May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, I thought that I would keep…

    Written by Rick Sadle
  • Planet Granite

    Planet Granite

    Rock climbing. I think it’s one of those things that every kid grows up wanting to try at some point—at least adventure minded kids, like yours truly. But, when it…

    Written by Rick Sadle
  • Park Lanes

    Park Lanes

    Even though I stink at it, I really like bowling. Sure, my average game is around a buck twenty-five, sure, I’m lucky if I can bump that up to 150…

    Written by Rick Sadle
  • Natural Beauty

    Natural Beauty

    When you live in a treasure trove of natural beauty, as Portland, Oregon is, you just want to be out and enjoy it. Sure, we have some cold, rain, and…

    Written by Rick Sadle
  • Beer & Wine

    Beer & Wine

    While we Oregonians, and Portland residents in particular, are known for being a friendly and tolerant bunch, we are also known for our beer, wine, and food snobbery. It’s nothing…

    Written by Rick Sadle