Aces Full

    My love of poker is no secret. Three years of living in Las Vegas kind of scared me for life. What happened there, didn’t stay there.

    But, it’s a lot harder to find a game here in Portland. In Vegas, I could walk outside and be ten feet from the bells and whistles of a casino and just minutes from sitting down and testing my chops, usually with great success.

    About once a month, I drive north to La Center to play a medium stakes cash game or, I make the scenic drive south west to Spirit Mountain for a low stakes cash game against retirees. Both have their perks and in the case of Spirit Mountain, excellent buffets. But, who wants to make it an all-day thing? Why not find something locally where you can visit for a couple of hours and be home in time to have dinner with the family and put the kids to bed.

    Poker clubs are starting to pop up all over Portland and one of my favorites is Aces Full on Powell.

    Aces Full is a no frills club. It’s all about the games, here. Boasting the friendliest game in town, Aces Full offers tournaments of various sizes and buy ins as well as cash shootouts and a neighborhood vibe. “No one is going to get rich here. There is no life changing money. It’s just a friendly game with fellow Portlanders.”

    While I certainly play with the hopes of making some money, it’s also nice to go to a place where you can sit and chit chat between hands, where good sportsmanship rules the day and where you don’t have to drive for hours to play.

    My first time at Aces Full playing a $1-2 No-Limit Cash Shootout, I had an absolute blast. My $100 on the table turned into $175 in less than an hour, and I made quite a few friends. There were no hurt feelings, no cursing, and very little frustration. It was poker at its finest and it had the friendly neighborhood vibe that Portland is known for.

    Aces Full is conveniently located on 24th and Powell and has street parking as well as a parking lot. It’s close enough and inexpensive enough to visit frequently, but yet still feels like a little getaway. For more info on Aces Full, visit them on the web at I hope to see you there and, who knows, maybe we’ll go heads up with Aces Full.

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