Air Show

    Ask anyone: I hate flying. The idea of climbing inside an aluminum tube, launching miles up into the atmosphere and traveling at ungodly speeds is downright terrifying. But, my apprehension of flying does not mean that I don’t enjoy a good air show… and there is none better than the Oregon International Air Show at the Hillsboro Airport in Hillsboro, Oregon.

    The Hillsboro Airport is small, and largely private. Its primary users are small plane pilots, as well as Nike and Intel. But, don’t let its size and exclusivity fool you; it puts on an annual air show that is second to none.
    This year, featured performers include the famous Blue Angels (who will be performing each day, except for the Friday twilight show when they will be replaced by fireworks), The US Air Force F-16 Fighting Falcon Demonstration, US Marine Corps Fat Cat (“Fat Albert”, hey hey hey), Red Tail Squadron, and a host of private show pilots. Each one is unique, fast, loud and patriotic… they must not be missed. My favorites are the classic planes, including bi-planes from World War I and World War 2 and Korean War fighter jets.

    But, it’s not just an air show, there is a Kidzone, there is a military village, a rock wall and, my personal nemesis, the human gyroscope.

    As much as I get nervous flying, from the ground it’s a whole different story. I can watch the curlie Q’s, the dive bombs, the loopty loops, the figure eights, with fist pumping excitement… plus it always amuses me to see my wife staring nervously, her normally brave hands over her mouth, one eye opened. My daughter and son, they share their fathers’ observational bravery.

    The Oregon International Air Show in Hi, Oregon is a must attend event for anyone interested in a good show, in aerial acrobatics, and with any hint of patriotism. The US Air Force Wings of Blue, a team of expert skydivers freefalling at speeds of up to 120 MPH in perfect formation while carrying the American flag, will leave your jaw glued to the floor.

    There are far too many events, vendors, and activities to list here in this small space. For more information, visit Tickets are available now. The show will take place, as it does every year, at the Hillsboro Airport in Hillsboro, Oregon and will occur over the weekend of July 17th-19th.

    My eyes will be glued to the sky, otherwise I would say, see you there!

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