Our recent of exploration of downtown Hillsboro restaurants hit another milestone last week when my wife and I got the chance to eat at Amelia’s on 4th and Main. Amelia’s lies on the corner of a street lined with half a dozen ma and pa spots, like the matriarch of a growing community.

    Along with Italian, Mexican food seems to be the safest option if you want to ensure a good meal. After reviewing the ratings, I was certain that Amelia’s would provide an exquisite culinary experience.

    If there is a negative—and why not get that out of the way—it is the ambiance. The two interconnected dining rooms are very brightly lit, diminishing the privacy and intimacy of the otherwise charming location. While I don’t need to partake in blind eating, I do like my lights a little dim when I go out to eat.

    But, let’s face it, restaurants are about food, and this is where Amelia’s excels. As we sat in our cozy corner booth, we perused the menu. I pointed out that, while the dishes were given their traditional Spanish names, the descriptions were in English. I found this helpful. My wife was pleased that there was a large vegetarian selection… and margaritas. That gal loves her margaritas.

    We ordered our food and, as we waited, I sipped on a Pacifico and the missus savored a blended margarita, a margarita she described as strong and delicious. Homemade corn tortillas and salsa were served while we waited, and were thick, fluffy, and scrumptious.

    Our food came and I remembered one of the other things I love about Mexican restaurants: The plates always look full. In the center of mine were three enchiladas, surrounded on either side by refried beans and, my favorite, Mexican rice. My wife had a colorful dish, covered in fluffy tortillas (with a blue sauce), red tomatoes and her favorite, avocado slices.

    It wasn’t Mexican authentic, but it was pretty close… and it was certainly a top five in the Portland/Metropolitan area. Being as Mexican is one of my favorite kings of foods, my wife was happy for me that we found one so close, and I was pleased that we found one that (if you skip the margaritas) wouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg.

    Portland and its surrounding cities are known for their food and sometimes there are so many options that it can be daunting. Let me help narrow it down for you: if you like good Mexican food and don’t want to travel into Portland, consider Amelia’s at Fourth and Main in Downtown Hillsboro, Oregon. It’s a cool little hole in the wall with a little something for everybody.

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