Andina Thanksgiving

    I love Thanksgiving. It’s the Christmas Kickoff. I love the football that’s on from dawn to dusk, I love the orange and brown color palette, I love the time to reminisce on the many things I am thankful for.

    But…Who am I kidding?

    It’s the food. If it wasn’t for the bales of turkey, the buckets of mashed potatoes, the dishes of devilled eggs, giant platters of green bean casserole, the mounds of stuffing, Thanksgiving would lose it’s luster. It’s all about the food.

    Cooking Thanksgiving dinner, though, is a lot of work. Slaving all day (sometimes over consecutive days) to make sure the turkey is moist and delicious, boiling and mashing potatoes, mixing up casserole ingredients. And, in less than an hour, your hard work is being digested.

    It’s a lot of work for a wonderful payoff, but it doesn’t always seem worth it.

    But, if you want a freshly prepared, delicious Thanksgiving meal, you have to do it yourself, right?


    Portland offers several options for Thanksgiving Dinner that don’t require any dishes or clean up. One such place is Andina.

    Andina, located in the Pearl on NW Glisan, is a NovoPeruvian Restaurant founded in 2003 by Doris Rodriquez de Platt. Dedicated to not only sharing Peruvian Cuisine with Food obsessed Portlanders, they are also devoted to using sustainable cooking practices and food sourcing. Viewing themselves as a Peruvian cultural ambassador, “Andina’s mission is to prepare both a table and a feast around which all guests can gather and find the warmth and richness of the Peruvian spirit in its truest forms.” The staff convey what is most vital about Peru: its friendliness, its pride in offering genuine meals, and its pleasure in sharing its stories.Everything in the place, from the food to the art, to the music, tells a story. Andina is an immersive experience, pleasing all five senses.

    But where was I?

    Oh yeah. Thanksgiving.

    This year at Andina, they’ll do all of the work for you. A unique, gourmet Thanksgiving meal awaits you. Celebrate Thanksgiving without the fuss and muss with a spectacular Peruvian three-course prix fixecarte du jour containing PavoAdobado con Pastel de Choclo: Chef de Cuisine Yen Tejada’s Peruvian inspired twist turkey, which will be served together with several of their staples.

    Going from one PM and seating all the way until eight, in addition to the delicious meal, you can enjoy some live music. It’s a little pricey at $65 per adult (and half off for children), but, when you consider how much it costs to purchase all the ingredients for Thanksgiving, coupled with the ease and convenience, it’s really worth it.

    So, if you are looking for a unique, delicious, and mess free way to enjoy Thanksgiving this year, consider Andina. Seats are going fast, though, so, call them today at 503-228-9535.

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