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    Alright. So I got my horse riding lesson in. But, what about the sworn enemy of the Cowboys? I played cowboys and Indians as a kid, the cowboys with their chaps and six shooter, the Indians with their bows and arrows.

    But, have you ever tried to shoot a bow and arrow with any kind of accuracy? Maybe if you’re a bow hunter, but, the rest of us? These Indians in these games, and in those westerns I love so much, they ride bareback on horses and fire off arrows at cowboys with alarming accuracy.

    I want to do that! I mean, not shoot people, but be able to fire a bow and arrow accurately. Luckily, Archers Afield in Tigard, Oregon is around to help me learn how to fire these projectiles with accuracy.

    Tigard a suburb west of Portland, Oregon, offers middle and upper middle class homes and a variety of landscapes. Mountain top mini-mansions, condominiums, and well maintained cul-de-sacs, coupled with terrific schools and a close proximity to Portland make Tigard an ideal place to raise a family. I thought about this as we made our trek to Archers Afield.

    On arrival for my lesson, I stood in awe. I watched as archers of all ages and apparent skill levels aimed their pointed projectiles at hay bales. I felt a moment of panic thinking one of these novices would miss and his mark and hit the instructor, but, alas, they all landed safely and harmlessly in the golden hay bales. The whoops of archers pierced the air as they examined their targets, high-fiving each other on bull’s eyes and close calls.

    These indoor lanes provide a year round experience and even offer some fun novelties such as glow in the dark archery. This was truly weird and truly Portland.

    I couldn’t wait for my lesson!

    I grabbed my bow and arrow, but was denied a quiver, and I took my mark.  In addition to overseeing solo pursuits, the experienced instructors of Archers Afield used entertainment and knowledge to teach important archery skills, such as “Bow handling and, of course, how to maintain a passable British accent while robbing from the rich and giving to the poor.”

    Okay, so I kid about the last part but, seriously the lessons were a blast. My first few faltering shots wildly missed their marks. I couldn’t believe how much strength it took just to pull back the string on the bow! But, before long, my shots rang true and my whoops and hollers became more gleeful as, with each shot examination, I was closer and closer to the target.

    Maybe I’ll never be able to ride a horse bareback and fire off an arrow at an oncoming foe, but, I can always have fun and let my imagination run wild. Archers Afield in Tigard, Oregon is a fun experience and is just one more reason why I love living in Portland.

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