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    Portland, Oregon may be a medium sized city in terms of population and geography. This is great news for residents of the Portland/Metro area. But, when it comes to entertainment choices, does a medium sized city like Portland fall short? Answer: certainly not. When it comes to entertainment, it had much to offer. Dinner theatre, concerts, dining, brewery tours, museums, hiking—it is all here in high quality abundance.

    While we are well known for our music, dining and arts; live entertainment is here in copiousness as well. We may not have Broadway, but we still have fine theatre and theatre groups with award winning performances. One such theatre is the Artists Repertory Theatre and this summer, they are putting on a performance of The Liar.

    The Artists Repertory Theater, a residential theatre housing artists, directors and playwrights, lies in a bright red, square building on South West Morrison and 15th. Beginning in 1982 as a dream for six artists and playwrights who rented a space at the 110-seat Wilson for Performing Arts, the Artists Repertory Theatre, now owns its own building and, under the heading of new artistic director Dámaso Rodriguez, the Artists Repertory Theatre expands upon “Resident Artists to include not only actors but also directors, designers and writers. Artists Rep becomes a bustling arts campus, housing a diverse group of EIGHT complementary arts organizations within its red walls. Those organizations include: Portland Shakespeare Project, Profile Theatre, The Red Door Project, Portland Area Theatre Alliance and Portland Revels.”

    The Artist repertory is brining art and entertainment to the city of Portland and bettering the community at the same time through numerous outreach and educational programs—and by providing quality entertainment at reasonable prices. And this year, if you haven’t already, you can experience it yourself.

    The Liar, written by French playwright Pierre Cornielle and first performed in 1644 in France, has been rewritten by the bright, comedic playwright David Ives. This “translaptation”, chockfull of “wild misassumptions, mistaken identities and tangled truths. Played out in outrageously clever verse, expect lightning-fast pace, anachronistic twists and a hip cast, with plenty of nods to Corneille’s neo-classical original.”

    Not only can you enjoy this hilarious show, but many of the matinee performances are followed by question and answer sessions with the cast and crew of The Liar. I’m always watching the special features and behind the scenes on my favorite DVD and Blu Ray films at home so, to be able to interact live and in person with the cast and crew of this play is very appealing to me—and it’s part of the community outreach that The Artists Repertory Theatre is so passionate about.

    Whether you check out The Liar or visit the Theatre for any of the art classes, other performances, or just out of sheer curiosity, The Artists Repertory Theatre provides an important service to the city Portland. For more information on The Liar and other Artists Repertory events and news, visit

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