Autumn Portland

    Portland, Oregon in the fall. Is there a more beautiful place on earth? The leaves in Connecticut have nothing on our Oregonian leaves. This is the time of the year when the weather is still warm enough during the day that you can go about in t shirt, socks and sandals, but that night nip requires a light sweater, and maybe a thin pair of gloves.

    It’s time to start sweeping your sidewalk and your back porch, now decorated in golds, yellows and burnt reds. The evergreens stand boldly, still dressed, almost mocking their shorn deciduous tree folk. The lawn, still a vibrant green, now flecked in the colors of autumn.

    Of course, it’s apple season. The finest apples in the word are here in the Pacific Northwest. Braeburns, Galas, Jazz, Granny Smith’s, Fuji. Here they are: ripe and crisp and adding color to a grey sky world. Sure, it’s getting colder and the days are getting shorter and wetter, but, pumpkin pie, pumpkin spice lattes, football and autumn microbrews help make up for that.

    For me, of course, it’s the hot apple cider at and apple fried doughnuts at Fir Point Pumpkin patch in Canby. Nothing says fall like the sweet and savory flavors of fresh produce squeezed into a piping hot beverage, where it’s not quite winter, but definitely Summer any longer.

    Of course, it’s time break out the scarves and gloves and jeans and rain boots, but this is when the fun begins. Truly, many lament the end of summer and I do too—but only for a moment. Because, when you get up in the morning and the ground is cloaked in a cozy fog and the grass is bathed in a light dew, there’s nothing quite like it. Spring may have its cherry blossoms, daffodils and roses. Summer might have the swimming, the fireworks and the barbecues but fall… fall in Portland is where it’s at. The colors, the fresh air, the slow and soothing descent into winter, it’s underrated and here, in the Portland/Metro area, it’s mind-bogglingly gorgeous.

    So, put on your rain boots and hat and make your way to your favorite hiking trail. You loved it in the spring and summer, you’re going to be blown away in the autumn. But don’t take my word for it: Experience it for yourself.

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