Bazooka Battle

    Paint ball is a blast. Donning protective gear, loading up on brightly colored projectiles powered by CO2 and then running and hiding in the woods, or in an urban setting. Paint ball should be on everyone’s bucket list.

    But, I’m not gonna lie. It can hurt. A lot. One clean shot to a piece of bare skin, and you could get a welt that stays and stings for days.

    So, what if there was a way to enjoy the faux warfare of paintball without the pain? You can with Bazooka Ball!
    Located in the Vancouver Mall, just across the bridge from Portland, Bazooka Battle, the home of Bazooka Ball, allows you to fight in the dark. Similar to laser tag, glowing black lights illuminate a neon path which lays out the course for up to ten players to battle it out in a Bazooka Ball arena.

    For kids and grownups alike, the weapon is a re-purposed paint ball gun which launches pain-free foam balls. Anyone familiar with laser tag, will be familiar with the vests which register hits, to track the points against. My boy and I always like to compare stats at the end of the game. The flag is not our goal, getting the most “kills” is.

    In addition to the handheld guns, Bazooka Battle also has a Cannonball Air Blaster game where players of all ages attempt to fire balls into the opposing players’ nets.

    I go as often as I can. My son can’t get enough and, as he says, It’s a “real life video game.” With the bright lights, and bells and whistles it certainly makes me feel like a character from Tron. Plus, it’s good exercise, for him and me, and I have no problem fighting traffic and shelling out the dough for us to play a rousing game of Bazooka Ball with some regularity.

    But it’s not just Bazooka Ball. Nope. Bazooka Battle also allows you to do your best Ethan Hunt impression in the laser maze. For three bucks, you get two chances to weave your way through the laser laden floor without setting them up. This could be terrific training for a future jewel thief or a secret agent. Either way, it’s a lot of fun and a great way to test your agility and work up a sweat.

    Bazooka Battle is great fun and, it’s so close to Portland and so inexpensive that you have zero excuse not to go. Your kids will love it and you will too. Also, it doesn’t hurt. Not even a little.

    Bazooka Battle is located at the Vancouver Mall in Vancouver, Washington.

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