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    If you know, or have learned anything about me because of reading these blogs, you would know that I love Portland, Oregon and that I am obsessed with learning all about it: the ups and downs, the ins and outs, the good, the bad, the ugly, the past, present and the path to the future. This obsession has led to tours via kayak, hot water balloon, helicopter, foor, bike, and drive through every nook and cranny of this fair city.

    But, Portland is vast in size and population. It’s an ever-changing landscape and you can never learn or know it all. It’s constantly evolving and changing.

    Still, I try.

    My latest attempt? A self-led scavenger hunt.

    Yes, yes. I know! I have written about urban scavenger hunts in this space before. I get that. But, like I said, I am obsessed with getting to know this city and, moreover, I like puzzles and problem solving and exploring with a purpose. If I had lived three hundred years ago, I would have been a pirate on the high seas, burying treasure, and exploring every nook and cranny of the earth on an old wooden ship. Prior to that I would have been Christopher Columbus, Ponce De Leon. You get it.

    Scavenger hunts are the next best thing.

    So, why should I add this one to my already lengthy list of scavenger hunts that you have recommended for me? I know you’re asking this. And let me tell you.

    I bought my ticket. I was given two hours and fifteen clues to tour the city and track down clues.  Each clue led to the next clue, piling up like a delicious layered cake of discovery. These self-led hunts are designed for couples (It’s a great date night!), or groups of four or six.

    Okay, I get it. It’s not that unusual sounding. Just hold your horses.

    So, here is one of the major differences with other organized scavenger hunts: Big City Hunt, the company organizing this hunt, “Unshackles racers from the tyranny of official start times and concrete dates. Players simply click on a launch code, head to the starting line, and get on with it whenever they’ve got a spare two hours.”

    So, that’s pretty cool. No worries about purchasing a ticket and then not being able to participate during time restraints. I liked that already. It already felt very laid back and Portlandy.

    But, more than that, there’s also a good bit of trivia. Which is something else I love. Each site visited during the hunt is informative, with fun stories, insights and even hidden secrets. This hunttakes you through the heart of Portland and lets you see how it has changed over time. This ever-evolving hunt take you to sites including the Multnomah County Courthouse, Lownsdale Square, Soldier’s Monument, Elk Fountain, and Portland Police Museum.

    This city is really worth getting to know, inside and out.To book your hunt, visit

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