Blast Burger

    Hamburgers. Few things make me feel more American than eating a hamburger and drinking a beer while watching football on a big screen television. Not only are hamburgers delicious, they are also highly versatile. Any number of proteins, toppings and buns can go into a burger meaning, you can eat a burger every day of your life and never have the same flavor combination.

    The above statement is not endorsed by the American Heart Association.

    But I digress.

    One of the best burger places in Portland, Oregon is not actually in Portland. Nope. It’s actually Blast Burger in Lake Oswego, a highly affluent suburb of Portland. It’s one of my favorite places to go and, let me tell you why.

    Using 100% Oregon raised, Organic Wagyu beef and local ingredients (and would we expect anything less from a Portland era eatery?), Blast Burgers produces incredible tasting burgers topped with a variety of toppings. You can choose from a large menu of different burgers, or create your own variations, a uniquely you burger for a uniquely you Portlander (or, Lake Oswegan, as the case may very well be).

    But, it’s more than just burgers. Sandwiches, pastas, soups, salads and a plethora of desserts make for a culinary experience that can please everyone. Couple that with a huge selection of beers and liquors and four gigantic televisions, and Blast Burgers is a place that you can send a ton of time in.

    During these warm summer months, you can enjoy these delicious concoctions and libations outdoors and get the full Lake Oswego experience. Nestled on the edges of a man-made lake within the Willamette Valley, Lake Oswego offers a first-class educational system, gorgeous homes and numerous job opportunities. Plus, it’s less than a ten-minute drive to down town Portland. Eating at Blast Burger, you can feast your eyes on the luxury vehicles driving by, on the copious dogs jogging with their owners, on the friendly faces shoppers and local shop keepers.

    And, of course, this being Lake Oswego, the burgers and food here are upper class—but on a middle class budget. Artfully presented and expertly prepared, the food at Blast Burgers is a treat that would make Bobby Flay stand up and cheer.

    It’s an all -around experience, in an All-American town, in one of the coolest metro areas in the country. So, next time you have the burger craving, make the trek into Lake Oswego and enjoy a Blast Burger. It’ll be a blast. I promise.

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