One of the most exciting things about living in a growing, medium sized city OBSESSED with quality food and drink, is there is NEVER a shortage of new restaurants, pubs and fine dining available. No matter where in the Portland metropolitan area you call home, a quality dining experience is just around the corner. This is good for me since dining out is one of my favorite activities. But, sometimes I am indecisive—especially with so many options.

    I also like games, especially games of chance, so last week I tried something different:

    I pulled out a paper map of Portland, closed my eyes and chucked a dart at a portion of the map, letting the dart decide which neighborhood I would eat in. Then, using that neighborhood (Cedar Hills in Beaverton, as it turned out) as a reference, I threw the dart again to select the street I wanted to eat at. It landed on Cedar Hills Boulevard and, after a little research of eateries in the area, I decided on Brannon’s Pub and Brewery.

    Portland, Oregon and its surrounding suburbs is home to literally hundreds of breweries. With this plethora of eateries, what makes Brannon’s different?

    Brannon’s prides itself on a relaxed atmosphere and outstanding customer service. In the words of owner, Kevin Brannon, his pub is intended to be a “second living room for [his] own friends and family…a place where we can unwind, have fun with people we care about, and meet like-minded new people (without cooking or cleaning up afterward) have become more important than ever.” Brannon’s Pub is the realization of that vision.

    When I arrived at Brannon’s, I saw game birds and chicken roasting on spits, I saw large stone hearths, from which emanated the unmistakable aroma of pizza. I saw large vats where quality beers were being brewed. The environment was cozy and as I pulled up to the large oak bar, I ordered the beer sampler, which was served to me on a tray carved from a log. It was a Tuesday and trivia was being played (The prize? A nice bar tab!). I joined right in while I waited for my food.

    Pizza is the specialty here and with traditional flavors, such as pepperoni and Italian Sausage, and with unique flavors including The Pearl and the Cowabunga Tropical Pie, there is something for every palette. There are also hummus plates, hearth baked wings, burgers, salads and sandwiches. Brannon’s is unique and delicious, and close enough to Portland that anyone can come here and enjoy the libations and culinary creations. I know I did; and when I got my tab at the end of the night, I smiled. Great people, great food, great ambiance, and great value.

    I went, and relaxed and made myself at home. They cooked my dinner and they cleaned up for me.

    All in all, I’d say the aforementioned dart experiment was a success.

    Brannon’s is located at 3800 SW Cedar Hills Boulevard in Beaverton, Oregon.

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