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    My disdain of running has been well documented in this space. Are there health benefits? Sure. At least, that’s what they tell me, but, as I’ve said before, just because the words “Run” and “Fun” rhyme, doesn’t mean that they should be combined.

    What’s also been well documented in this space is my love of beer and breweries. Running is still never going to be fun, but, if we could fine a way to combine “Run” with “Brew”, I might be able to get behind that.

    I mean, I’m a wordsmith but I can’t find a way to combine these two words. I guess I’ll just sit on my coach and enjoy a brew on my own.

    But wait.

    Of course. Someone found a way. Two someones, actually.

    Way back in 2012, Morgan Jappe and Nate Herrington asked an unassuming question: How could they best combine their twin passions, craft beer and running? First of all, the fact that running can be anyone’s passion is still a mystery to me, but I digress. We can’t all be clones, right? And, well, they found a way… and it’s a way that might work for me.

    My wife, you see, she loves running, and she always wants me to run with her. Of course, I tell her “No way Jose,” But, when she opened up the website and showed me this story, well, I have to admit that I was enthralled with the idea.

    Back to Jappe and Herrington: They answered their simple question by founding Brewery Running Series, a family-friendly event (Yes. You read that correctly) that starts with an untimed 5K, set around a local craft brewery, and concludes in craft brews, food, giveaways, live music, and events with partners and sponsors.

    So it’s running with a very real, tangible reward at the end. It may not be something fun- and it never will be—but I’m all about rewards and motivations.

    And swag.

    Every participant gets to take home swag and a souvenir pint glass, too, a reminder that mingling running and drinking doesn’t always mean outpacing a keg rolling down the street. For me, it’ll serve as a reminder of the time that I ran for a few hundred yards puked my guts out and then half walked/ran the rest of the way.

    And, of course with this being a true Portland event (well, Washougal, really, but close enough) the percent of the event’s proceeds help support local nonprofit partners such as the Oregon Brewshed Alliance, Dollar For Portland, and Life Vest Inside.

    Running for a cause and for a drink? Maybe running will never be fun for me… but this event very well could be.
    This years’ event has come and gone, but for more info on future events, please visit

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