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    Yeah. I like to relax. That’s no big secret, I mean, who doesn’t, amirite? But, I think of my relaxation as more “manly”. Maybe a cold brew in front of a football game. Or a soak in the hot tub or sauna. So, when I purchased my wife a spa day (with Mani Pedi) at the British Manor Spa in Tanasbourne (Hillsboro, just outside of Portland, Oregon), I did not suspect that I would be jealous of this gift.

    I was super wrong.

    The place was awesome. Promising an immersion in grandeur, The Manor is noted as an Elite Spa delivering British Luxury at its premium. Cozy couches, soft lighting and a professional staff make for a luxurious and totally relaxing experience.

    It’s not your normal, everyday spa experience. I know this because my wife came home and raved to me about the experience. “Best Christmas gift ever,” She said. It’s always nice to know that your gift was a rousing success. But, it makes sense that the experience was pleasurable and relaxing.

    The Manor was fashioned to take their guests’ on a World-Class level spa-experience by doing something that the spa industry hasn’t quite seen before—and maybe never before here in the Portland-Metropolitan area. They do this by treating you like British royalty, and it’s catered to men and women—and even children, which is also a rarity in the spa industry.

    The Manor has worked hard to  capture this Regal lifestyle for anyone whom desires restoration and replenishment—with the royal treatment. Keeping the health and well-being of the spa goer in mind, The artisans (and that is really the best word for these artists of relaxation) at the Manor have judiciously crafted a one-of-a-kind, Royal experience that commences the moment the spa goers enters the comfortable building containing the exquisitely designed spa. Walking in, it becomes clear that it is okay to relax, to close your mind, and to take a load off, and this begins before you even step into the spa in the extravagant Relaxation Lounge, and continues afterwards as you unwind from your unwinding. This is pure indulgence and relaxation. Immerse yourself in it. Allow yourself to be spoiled at British Manor Spa – “A tranquil haven from the rest of the world.”

    And, each experience is customized. The staff provides an assortment of personalized, organic ingredients combined with exclusive therapeutic traditions, which ensures a world-class experience.

    It’s unique in Portland and uniquely Portland. My wife loved it, and she says that I would love it too. Maybe you will too?

    You can check it out in the Tanasbourne Town Center in Beaverton, just west of Portland, Oregon.  Let me know what you think.

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