Fast food is usually something we secretly enjoy. It’s a guilty pleasure, if we will, a guilty pleasure that can be measured by our waistlines. We know it’s not good for us and we know the food quality isn’t typically top notch. Oh, but the pricing and convenience. That’s why we indulge and, let’s face it, French Fries and Cheeseburgers are delicious. Luckily, here in the Northwest, we can indulge in guilt free fast food thanks to Burgerville; which rivals other regional chains, including In N Out Burger.

    Headquartered in Vancouver, Washington and founded in 1961, Burgerville is dedicated to freshness, quality, and sustainability. Similar to In N Out Burger, they partner with local farms to ensure that they deliver quality, never frozen food to consumers all over the Northwest. The locations are centered around the Portland/Metropolitan area and, at present, are located within an eighty mile radius of the Vancouver, Washington headquarters.

    While the food is paramount, the progressive business practices of Burgerville are just as important—with an emphasis on sustainability and animal welfare. Each Burgerville franchise is wind powered and each month the company sends 7,500 gallons of their used canola oil to be transformed into biodiesel. All the beef served is free range and grass fed and all food waste is composted. In true Portland, Oregon fashion, cyclists are welcome at Burgerville… even in the drive throughs.

    There is not a loser on the menu. From the turkey burgers, to the pork sandwiches, to the traditional Tillamook cheeseburgers (Tillamook Cheese is the only cheese you will find here!), to the chicken burgers, and vegetarian burgers (made from bean patties), any of the main courses is sure to satisfy and delight your taste buds. The fries are always crisp and hot(and fried in trans-fat free canola oil) and the milkshakes are made from local dairy milk and fresh seasonal berries. It’s a fast food experience for the gourmet palate—and your waistline may not object. You must try the Halibut chips and seasonal onion rings before you die. They are amazing.

    Truly, Burgerville represents Oregon values as much—if not more than—any other Northwest based company. Not only is the food delicious and inexpensive, but the staff is friendly and the company is doing its part to keep Oregon Green and beautiful.

    You can find Burgervilles as far east as The Dalles, as far north as Longview, Washington, and as far south as Salem. Wherever you live, there’s a Burgerville nearby, just waiting to tickle your taste buds.

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