Camp Dakota

    An unusually harsh winter in Portland, Oregon is winding down. If you’re anything like me, you grew weary of the snow after the first week and spent the rest of the winter huddled up in front of a fireplace, getting some quality time with the family. Luckily, winters like the one we just had here in Portland only come around about once a decade, so, you should be all set, for now.

    Also, if you’re anything like me, you’re probably hankering to get outside and enjoy nature. But, maybe after a winter spent indoors, you forgot how to do this. As silly as it sounds, this can happen. Might I suggest you kick off outdoor season with an Adventure at Camp Dakota down in Scotts Mills?

    Camp Dakota, resting comfortably at the foot of the Western Cascades, mocks the limits of gravity with “High-flying adventures that test participants’ skills, stamina, and propensity to scream at high altitudes.”

    Steel zip lines carry screaming adventure seekers (including yours truly) above the forest canopy. My fear of heights will again be challenged on the high-ropes course, where teamwork will guide me through tree top threaded obstacles swaying precariously above the soft ground. How soft? Let’s not find out. At least not from the tree tops. I think I’ll prefer staying strapped into my safety harness, thank you very much.

    But, as if my well documented fear of heights had not been challenged enough, next I’ll get to work on shedding some of those winter pounds on the vertical rock-climbing wall. After a fist bump and a fastening to a safety harness from the instructor, I’ll be off. Just remind me not to look down. Complete with slight footholds the wall will pose a challenge for me, a relative novice. But, I’m told, even a seasoned climber will break out in a glisten of sweat.

    But, thankfully, I won’t have to fly high to have a good time at Camp Dakota. I look forward to working up a sweat with a rousing game of Ultimate Frisbee, to target practice with tomahawks and archery. I can’t wait to play war games with a killer game of Paintball.

    It’s weird that months in doors can cause you to forget basics, like how to have fun outdoors, but, thankfully, Camp Dakota is nearby and ready and willing to refresh your memory. Whether you’re a high flying thrill seeker, or whether you’re someone just looking for some fresh air and exercise, Camp Dakota has something for you.

    Camp Dakota is located just an hour south of Portland in Scott’s Mills. For more info, call 503-873-7432. I’ll see you at the next adventure!

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