Cathedral Park Neighborhood

    Knowledge is power and living in the Cathedral Park Neighborhood of Portland, Oregon, next door to the historic St. John’s Neighborhood, provides you with knowledge. Imagine living in a neighborhood that has its own Facebook page. You won’t have to imagine if you make your home in Cathedral Park Neighborhood. Imagine logging into your Facebook to play some Candy Crush Saga or poke one of your buddies and finding this post on your wall:

     Hello Neighbors,

    Hope you can join us for our February 12th Friends of Cathedral Park Neighborhood Association (FCPNA) General Neighborhood Meeting at 7pm .
    •Introductions (5 minutes)
    •Crime Report (5 minutes)
    •Truck Route Strategy Presentation (30 minutes)
    •Edison Development by the Developer (20 minutes)
    •Announcements (5 minutes)

     That’s right. Cathedral Park Neighborhood posts upcoming city meetings to their Facebook page. They invite you to partake and get to know your neighbors and your neighborhood leaders. Imagine being informed on soon to open businesses, traffic updates, school activities… think of how much easier your life would be.

    But, more than that, how would you like a Facebook message telling you about upcoming entertainment options? Just recently, the neighborhood hosted a jazz festival and everyone following the neighborhood on Facebook was notified. How about new restaurant openings? Book signings? Movie times? You’re a busy, busy person. It’s hard to keep track, and the leadership of the Cathedral Park Neighborhood wants to keep you informed in the best way they know how.

    If that weren’t enough, consider that the Cathedral Park Neighborhood lies right along the Willamette River and sports a stunning view of the awe-inspiring St. John’s Bridge, with its unmistakable green paint and cathedral-like archways and spires. Cathedral Park lies in a safe and peaceful part of the city, close to both the urban centers and the rural farmlands. Not to mention that luxury homes, condos, ranches and bungalows all reside here in affordability and affluence along green lawns surrounded by sloping hills and majestic trees.

    The Cathedral Park Neighborhood offers everything you’d like in a neighborhood and adds the bonus of clear communication. When considering Portland, Oregon neighborhoods for the purchase of your home, consider the Cathedral Park Neighborhood.


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