Cathedral Park

    Cathedral Park, located beneath the green, cathedral-like archways of the gorgeous St. John’s Bridge in Northeast Portland, Oregon is over twenty-three acres of rolling green hills, scenic viewpoints and river access. I never, of course, considered it for a wedding, so when I received an invitation for a wedding at Cathedral Park, I was somewhat intrigued.

    Cathedral Park is great for many reasons. It is centrally located—whether you live in Downtown Portland or one of its surrounding neighborhoods or you live in any of the fine suburbs, you can get to the park with relative ease and quickness. Driving to the wedding from our suburb home, we rounded the hill of Old Germantown Road and strolled over the St. John’s Bridge. We took in the breathtaking views of Mt. Hood and Downtown and then enjoyed the quaint charm of the St. John’s neighborhood.

    My wife and I followed the signs down to the park and maneuvered our Subaru into one of the plentiful parking spaces. Upon exiting, we were greeted by Frisbee throwing college students, by jogging pets and stroller pushing moms, by picnicking lovebirds, by swimming children and water-sporting professionals. My wife and I strolled through the park, admiring the late summer blossoms and the surrounding hills and valleys. Surely, Portland, Oregon is its own special type of paradise.

    We continued our journey through the park, past squirrels desperately foraging for winter sustenance, past dogs chasing balls, past scrub jays and robins scouring for wayward worms, until we reached the St. John’s Bridge. We looked up, admiring the off white cathedral columns jutting into the green of the bridge. Of the many bridges of Portland, this one has always been my favorite.

    Up ahead, on top of a lush green hill, we saw our friends, gathered on lawn chairs and blankets and dressed in their Sunday best. We made our way up past trees whose cherry blossoms were in their final stages and past the beginning of the turning of the leaves of the deciduous trees. Fall was coming, but summer was still alive and well in Cathedral Park.

    My own lovely bride and I took a seat amongst our friends and watched as the good looking couple—accentuated by the backing of the hills and the trellises of the bridge—pledged eternal love to one another. The hum of overhead cars and the gentle breeze created a romantic experience unlike any other. Cathedral Park in all of its glory, lying in the heart of St. John’s neighborhood, was truly a magnificent destination for a wedding.

    Cathedral Park is simply beautiful. Whether you are looking for a jogging destination, a fun picnic spot, a nice place for river access, or perhaps even a wedding destination— Cathedral Park has it all.

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