Cedar Hills Crossing

    See, this is why you need me. I make mistakes and overlook things so that you don’t have too. Case in point: Cedar Hills Crossing.

    I have lived in Cedar Hills for many years, and I have even been to Cedar Hills Crossing many times. However it was not until recently that I realized that Cedar Hills Crossing was more than just a shopping center: it was a full-fledged, if somewhat diminutive, shopping mall.

    I’ve always liked Cedar hills Crossing, centrally located and architecturally interesting Cedar Hills Crossing offers one stop shopping for virtually anything you might need. From groceries (WinCo and New Seasons) to dining out (McMenamins and McGrath’s Fish House) to fast food (Noodles and Company, McDonald’s) to entertainment (Century Theatres, Powell’s Books, Craft Barn) and everything in between. Here, you can simply drive and park, one time, and get everything done.

    So, last Saturday, we had some things to do. We piled into the family Subaru and made the short trek to Cedar Hills Crossing. My wife wanted to pick up some craft supplies for a baby shower she was putting on later that week. I dropped her off at the Craft Barn. My son was meeting some friends for lunch so I dropped him off at the McDonalds. I knew my wife could be awhile so I decided to wander into Powell’s books, and this is here I made my discovery.

    The plan was to wait in Powell’s until my wife finished her shopping. I would grab a mystery novel from the shelf and read while my daughter did the same thing with a young adult book. The Powell’s here (as opposed to the more rustic downtown location) has a cozy, indoor garden surrounded by comfortable loungers and chairs. My wife would take a while shopping, but time would fly.

    But, best laid plans, I went in the wrong entrance and discovered I was inside a mall. I had no idea there was an inner portion of this shopping center. None at all, and this discovery bore with it a treasure trove of fun. My daughter and I wandered through a Lego store, and even tried our hand at a Star Wars Lego set, next door, we found a pottery making class, which we signed up for. There was a pizza restaurant, a clothing store, and a store for the outdoors person. It was small, but it was a welcome discovery and, by the time we had wandered into Powell’s—not a spread out as the down town one, but equally as bookish—we were exhausted from our adventure.

    Living in Portland, I discover things everyday—some small and insignificant, some huge and triumphant. All of them wonderful. Portland, Oregon is truly a wonderful place to call home.

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