Charter Fishing

    Fishing I one of those things that I really want to get into but end up being frustrated by. Getting up before its even light out, donning a bunch of gear and sitting by the edge of a riverbed or lake, or standing knee deep in water, flicking a fake fly in hopes of grabbing dinner. It usually ends up being an exercise in futility that leaves me fishless, cold, and tired.

    I had almost given up when a buddy of mine suggested charter fishing.

    “These guys,” He said, “Know where all the fish are. They do their best to ensure that you won’t end up merely cold, tired and fishless.”

    I trusted this buddies’ opinion. After all, he had been fishing for years and had the photographs to prove it. I decided to give it one last shot before I hung up my poles and waders forever.

    After doing some research, I decided on Oregon City Charters.

    Oregon City Charters’ twenty-three foot Alumaweld Super Vee boat is the perfect charter experience for beginners and pros alike. Taking you along the Oregon Coast, as well as the Willamette and Clackamas Rivers, my rod and pole would be constantly busy, I was told. The bodies of water are munificent with many types of fish—salmon, sturgeon, steelhead—and with the help of the proficient guides, even fishing hacks like me can learn to catch fish while enjoying the jaw dropping natural beauty that Oregon has to offer. At least that’s what the guy on the phone told me. Seriously, he talked like that. And, well, he sold me.

    It was a slightly overcast, early spring morning; typically perfect Portland weather. I donned my waders, took a Dramamine and donned my seasickness bracelet. I wasn’t gonna take any chances. I wanted this experience to stand on its own. It was going to be amazing or terrible because of the fishing and the experience. Not because f my sensitive stomach.

    And, I was not disappointed!

    The fog lifted, revealing the glorious majesty that is the Portland, Oregon skyline. Mt Hood appeared to wave as I dropped my pole in the water and caught fish after fish. Big fish. Trophy fish. I took pictures, made some friends, kept my lunch down and took in the scenery and the experience. Now, I will have a freezer full of delicious sockeye and steel head until at least 2025.

    My guide was perfect in every way. He didn’t get frustrated at my first few ailed attempts and, when I hooked the big one (which ended up being a falling tree branch) he didn’t laugh. He just encouraged me to drop the pole in the water and keep going. It really turned me around on the whole fishing thing and my buddy who suggested the experience was rewarded with some fresh fish of his own.

    I recommend Oregon City Charters. I think you’ll love it. And, that’s just one more great thing about living in Portland.

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