Chocolate Fest

    My wife is fairly easy to please. Time with me, time with the kids, time with the dogs, a bouquet, a Seahawks victory: These are the primary ingredients in her happiness recipe. But, there is one, often overlooked, element: Chocolate.

    Yes, like most women, my wife finds chocolate irresistible. Milk, dark, white and everything in between is enough to make her happiness meter shoot through the roof. Of course, I like chocolate because it’s an aphrodisiac.
    Enter the Chocolate Fest.

    Chocolate Fest was founded in 2006 as a benefit for the World Forestry Center; the World Forestry Center was formed in 1964 and has a mission to educate and inform people about the world’s forests and trees, and environmental sustainability. We are going to Chocolate Fest (along with approximately 10,000 of our closest friends) and our attendance will not only please our palates (and, with wine and liquor on hand as well, there will be something to wash all that delicious chocolate down), it will help to support the World Forestry Center’s critical mission of connecting people with the world’s forests and trees.

    The original goal of the event was not only to expose we sophisticated Portlanders to the numerous varieties of wine, chocolate, and liquor available in the region, but also to educate these same sophisticates about the tropical cacao tree and how chocolate is made from bean to bar.

    This three day event, January 22nd through the 24th, 2016 at the Oregon Convention Center in Downtown Portlandpromises Portland chocolate lovers the chance to sample, savor, taste, and enjoy some of the premium chocolate from the Northwest and beyond!

    This years’ event will feature fourteen of the top local wineries and distilleries in the Pacific Northwest and well over twenty-five chocolatiers. Whether your tastes run towards saccharine sweet or boldly bitter or somewhere in between, there is surely something here to please everyone. I can already picture my wife, sampling all the dark chocolate and sipping a few too many of the free red wine samples and smiling and giggling, feeling no guilt or shame at her indulgences.

    She deserves it and I know that she will love it and maybe, just maybe, the aphrodisiacs will do the trick… but that’s a story for another day and another site entirely.

    For more information on this years’ Chocolate Fest, visit I hope to see you there!

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