Cosmic Tubing

    Sailing down a mountain on nothing more than a rubber tube sounds both terrifying and exhilarating. As a veteran of this activity, I can tell you that it is both. Snow tubing is a cheaper alternative to skiing and, in many ways, it’s more enjoyable. Mt. Hood Ski Bowl, the nearest ski resort to Portland, Oregon, offers this activity both during daylight hours and long after the sun has set.

    That’s right. Night time snow tubing. But, it’s not dark. Like night time bowling, this activity is Cosmic and this activity can only be found at Mt. Hood Ski Bowl.
    I haven’t checked it out yet (the Cosmic Tubing), but, the family and I already have plans to check this out this year.

    After a day of bacchanalia and joy, we will load up the family Subaru and make our way to Mt Hood Ski Bowl. After sunset, our new holiday tradition will begin.

    On Tube Hill after the sun goes down,the lights come on. Laser, colored, and black lights, and six hundred thousand LED lights, irradiate the world’s only cosmic tubing course. Brave night time tubers are provided with glow in the dark necklaces and experience the sensation of all the senses as music pulses down the mountain while you speed down. It’s a winter wonderland like you’ve likely never experienced before. And it’s unique in the world.

    Imagine that, right here in Portland, Oregon.

    Located at Ski Bowl East, the Snow Tube and Adventure Park brags a myriad of snow play attractions for all ages—but the snow tubing is the main attraction. The Park features Mt. Hood’s only conveyor-assisted tube hill, offering two conveyors, which allows access to multiple tube lanes with minimal effort. Another benefit of the conveyor belt, of course, is that it reduces the fatigue factor as you don’t have to lug your tube back up the hill that you just sailed down using your own strength. This extends the fun and cuts down on the complaints. I’m all for that. For the price of the ticket, there’s also a twenty-four hundred square foot, two storied indoor playground for the kiddos, Frosty’s playland, and a carousel—mostly for the kids though you can bet your booty that I’ll be making every effort to climb aboard.

    If you haven’t been to the Snow Tube and Adventure Park at Ski Bowl, give it a shot. You’ll see me and my fine family, donned in the ugliest Christmas sweaters imaginable, zooming down the hill and bobbing our heads to the music. It’ll be our new tradition. Will you join us?

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