Cruize In Country Diner

    I haven’t consciously made the decision to eat less red meat… it’s just happened, and to the great benefit of my waist line and cholesterol level. But, this does not mean that I don’t sometimes get a tremendous craving for a nice, juicy hamburger. The other day, I had one of those cravings.

    I texted my wife and told her I was leaving the office and was going to stop for a hamburger. I was just thinking I would stop by Five Guys and bring a burger home, but, my wife decided that she wanted in. This surprised me a bit because, as a vegetarian, she eschews hamburgers. But, I wasn’t about to turn down her offer to join me. I have never minded being in the company of a beautiful woman.

    So, I did a Google search “Best Hamburgers in Hillsboro, Oregon.” The first option that came up was the Cruize in Country Diner a 50’s style diner. I love diners. I checked the menu out on line and confirmed that they had three different types of veggie burgers and gluten free options. This place would work.

    The missus and I piled into the car and drove from the suburban sprawl of Cedar Hills into the country before arriving at an unassuming structure that housed, apparently, the best burgers in Hillsboro.

    We were instantly intrigued. It was a throwback, with red, Formica tables with aluminum piping, cozy booths and walls covered with license plates from all fifty states and nostalgic black and white photographs of classic cars and families from simpler times. An old rotary gas pump lead the way to the restroom and a mini gift shop was at the cashier’s desk.

    We sat ourselves at one of the cozy booths and looked over the laminated menu. Our orders were quickly decided upon, and our waitress came over and let us know that there was free cake as we had picked the seventh birthday of the Cruize In Country Diner for our initial visit. My wife beamed and clapped her hands together. We love unexpected bonuses. Who doesn’t love cake? Especially free cake?

    We both ordered beers with our meals and we didn’t have to wait long for our food, which was served nice and hot. The meals were presented in typical diner fare, open faced with sides on the side and a heaping helping of fries. One bite, and I we knew were experiencing the best burgers in Hillsboro. These were hearty and filling, and not in the least bit greasy. Locally sourced veggies and grass fed beef enhanced the experience and made me feel like I was doing something good for my community and my body.

    My wifes’ bean pressed patty had the texture of a burger and a flavor that she genuinely liked. She sometimes pretends to like food so I won’t feel bad for paying for it, but this was real, genuine enjoyment.

    And then, we got free dessert with some delicious chocolate birthday cake. We walked away with a new favorite and a pleasing experience. It might be a bit of a drive for Portlander, but it’s worth it and we will definitely be back. The Cruize In Country Diner is located at 9785 SW River Rd, in Hillsboro and is a must experience food experience.

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