Dirty Dash

    Oregon gets a good amount of rain. This is a known fact. It’s good, though. It’s one of the main reasons our springs and summers are so green and fragrant.

    It’s also good if you’re a grown man like me who never really grew up all the way and still enjoys playing in the mud.

    Ask my wife and my endless supply of formerly white t shirts and dirty shoes. I love to be dirty.

    One thing I don’t like to do, though, is work out. Unless I can be dirty in the process. Then, I am game. Count. Me. In.

    This will happen for me on July 15th, at the Dirty Dash, a five K run and obstacle course.

    According to the Dirty Dash website, “The Dirty Dash is a mud run obstacle course where a military boot camp meets your inner five-year-old’s fantasy.”

    You see that? Inner five-year-old. I must not be the only one who has never grown up.

    I have never participated in this event, on my last doctors visit, my doctor told me I needed to exercise more. He didn’t say I couldn’t get dirty in the process.

    During the event, dashers (as the event organizers call them) must maneuver over, through and under a slew of mud-slicked obstacles. Have you ever tried to climb a mucky hill? It’s probably harder than it sounds… and it sounds pretty hard. Walking across a log seems difficult. Now cover it with mud. How about walking across a rope bridge? Yes. Mud. Top it off with a muddy slip and slide and you have your muddy fun run. And I don’t usually put those two words together. Fun and Run.

    But, this being Portland and all, this isn’t just fun and dirty for the sake of fun and dirt. Granted, this would be enough but, the event organizers have higher goals in mind. Registration fees, donations, proceeds from the water-balloon sales, and show donations all benefit a variety of local charities.

    See, that’s the thing about Portland. We like our mud, our fun, and our running, but we also love taking care of others. It’s kind of our calling card. Through it all, Portland, Oregon and its residents have a dedication to make the world a better place. Like beer, weirdness, books, food and art, it’s another thing that’s this city unique. It’s another reason why I love living here.

    So, if you’re interested in getting muddy and shedding some pounds, check out http://www.thedirtydash.com/. It looks like fun. Let’s find out together.

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