Dog Portraits

    Portland, Oregon is a city of dog lovers. Portland and rain, Portland and beer, Portland and weirdness, Portland and the Trail Blazers: these things are synonymous with this wonderful, quirky city that we call home. The immense love and appreciation of dogs, though, is something else.

    In Portland, our dogs are not just pets. They are members of the family. They have pet insurance, and they eat better than many people do. They attend doggie daycare. And in many cases, like mine, they are our children. And as our children, we like to document their lives with professional photographs.

    Enter PDX Dog Portraits by Nina Sage.

    Nina Sage is a skilled photographer, capturing stunning visions of glorious northwestern landscapes, families, self portraits and urban landscapes. She has the credentials and skills to capture your pet as you have never seen them before. One look at her portfolio and you will know that she is the right person to capture your beloved canine in images that will last forever.

    One problem with having smart dogs is that they know when something is up. More than that, our dog is a girl and, like human girls, she loves to look pretty– and she knows when she looks good. So, when the day of the big photo shoot arrived and my wife affixed her finest bandanna and gave her a little extra hair brushing, she knew something was up. Her tail began to wag and her famous smile cracked across her mouth… even her teeth looked extra white that day.

    So, we piled into the car and took a leisurely drive to Nina’s studio near OMSI. Our girl was so good throughout the session and Nina, who is an avid supporter of the Oregon Humane Society and Project Pooch, was tremendous with her, offering treats and rewards for good poses. The pooch survived and enjoyed several costume and set changes and, when all was said and done, we had some of the best pictures of our dog that we have ever had. We paid a pretty penny, but it was more than worth it; we will cherish these pictures and remember that photo session forever.

    Nina Sage has been a professional photographer for three decades and her professionalism and skill shines through in the finished product and in the production of that product. We cannot recommend her enough and we are so fortunate to have her right here in Portland, Oregon.

    To book your session or for more info, visit:!/HOME

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