East Side Deli

    It is possible that there is a person on the planet that does not like sandwiches, but I can’t imagine they would be pleasant to be around. With so many ways to wrap a sandwich: In bread, in lettuce, in a tortilla, between two slices of meat, with so many proteins : roast beef, turkey, chicken, bean patties, tofurkey and countless condiments, it would truly be a miracle of the worst kind to find someone who could not find a pleasing sandwich. Luckily, here in Portland, Oregon in the Mt. Tabor neighborhood, we have the East Side Deli with sandwich options to please even the pickiest eater.

    The sandwiches at East Side Deli aren’t bread heavy with just a little side of protein… they come with thick slabs of whatever you want with fun little flourishes. For example, my wife likes the fruben which is a traditional Rueben but for vegetarians. My traditional Rueben came with an out of this world horseradish sauce, just a few onions and some flavorful pepperoncinis. Couple that with a bag of chips and some delicious home made potato salad (complete with roasted red peppers and onions) and you have a meal that is worth driving to the East Side for. They also have simpler sandwiches but every option is just bursting with flavor.

    The best part, besides the food, if the location. Mt. Tabor is a terrific neighborhood, brimming with charm, with personality and with affordable, unique housing. The yards here are tended for with deliberate care and the homes range from quaint, older bungalows to newer Portland style homes. Mt. Tabor offers many things to the residents of Portland and East Side Deli is just a tip of the iceberg.
    So, take a trip over to the East Side Deli, grab a sandwich and digest it in the majesty of one of the coolest areas in the city of Portland, Oregon. East Side Deli is located at: 4823 N Lombard St, Portland, OR 97203.

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