Electric Boats

    I love a good boat. The old saying is, the best day of your life is he day that you buy a boat. The second best day is the day that you sell your boat. That may be true for some, but, that doesn’t stop me from wanting to get one.

    I’m not much of an environmentalist. I mean, I do my part. I recycle, and I don’t litter and I try to buy organic when I can. But, my wife, she’s a little more environmentally conscious than I am. That’s her biggest objection to a boat, if I’m being honest.

    “All that gas,” she says. “All that wasted fuel. Wasted resources for, what, a little bit of pleasure? It’s not for me, no thank you. That doesn’t seem like good stewardship to me.”

    I know she’s right and, being the good husband that I am, I tell her this.

    And so, I wait.

    But, wait no more. Electric boats. They exist and they are friggin sweet. And, thanks to the Willamette Falls Boat Company, I can take one of these babies out, along with ten of my closest friends, and all I need is to be over twenty five (well passed that) and a drivers’ license (not a boating license).

    So, I reserved the boat. The big day came. We met at Clackamette Park in Oregon City. With my skipper hat in tow, I bellowed from the docks “ALL ABOARD!” This was unnecessary, of course, but I really wanted to say “All aboard.” At least once in my life. Item checked off the bucket list.

    And, we set off.

    This was not a guided tour. I had reserved the boat for two hours, and I was in full control. From Clackamette Park in Oregon City we made our way out into the Willamette. We admired the shoreline, with it’s man made architecture and bridges. We took note of the herons and the ducks. I think I even spotted a beaver.

    As we made our way, soundlessly thanks to the electric motor (and, it turns out, a silent boat is also good for wildlife sighting) we approached down town. The buildings got taller, the bridges got more plentiful. The wildlife though, stayed consistent.

    This is the way to see the Willamette and explore this great city. Even better, with the control of going where ever the waterways allowed—and being environmentally responsible to boot.  It’s a win win for everybody. Totes recommend. http://willamettefallsboatcompany.com/

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