Escape Rooms

    Like many people, I enjoy crime shows like Criminal Minds. Shows where the bad guys almost win, before being outwitted by the good guys. Of course, I never want to fall victim to one of these heinous criminals, but I thought that it would be fun to play one. Luckily, thank to Portland Escape Rooms, I have the opportunity to outwit the “Bad Guy” and escape my way to freedom.

    Portland Escape Rooms is a fun, interactive entertainment concept located in Beaverton, Oregon, just a few minutes from Portland. A collection of anywhere from a pair to a dozen “Victims” are sealed in a themed room and have one hour to collaborate to collect clues, find concealed items, crack riddles, and solve puzzles to discover the key to escape. This real life adventure is perfect for dates, birthdays, family get-together’s and even work team building exercises.

    But, the first puzzle is what kind of sleuth do I want to be?

    Maybe I want to bring out my inner history buff sleuthiness. Maybe I could go back to the American Revolution where me and nine to eleven of my closest compatriots have been charged with treason by King George the 3rd and the British Empire for aiding and abetting my fellow Americans. The firing squad will be arriving in one hour. Will I be able to find the key in time to escape the redcoats and go back to the present?

    Or, maybe I have been kidnapped by a deranged serial killer consumed by blood lust. The killer has stepped away, intent on doing unspeakable things to my friends and family. Will I be able to solve the puzzles to find the key and avoid being on the killers’ ever increasing list of victims?

    I can choose either of these options close to home at the Cedar Hills location.

    Or, maybe I can mosey on out to Beaverton and go to the Arcade. But this is not a normal arcade. Nope. This arcade is run by a crazy person who has decided to play a game of his own… planting a bomb in his own arcade. Will I be able to crack the riddles and avoid being blown into smithereens?I’ll have an hour to find out.

    But, what about zombies? What if I was trapped in a room with a brain-thirsty zombie? I don’t have any weapons, my only way out to is to find the key and escape before the zombie horde breaks in and makes a meal out of me.

    Whatever adventure I choose, I can’t wait! Using my brains and fueled by adrenaline, these escape rooms are sure to entertain everyone. Book your adventure with Portland Escape Rooms today by visiting I’ll see you there!

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