Exotic Animals

    Portland, Oregon—the whole Northwest really—is a haven for natural beauty. From splendid pine trees to bulky deciduous trees, to mountains that will drop your jaw, and bodies of water that are pure and crisp: Portland is the place to be for the outdoors-man. Our animals here, too, are remarkable. Beavers, deer, bears, ducks, geese, and other temperate climate loving animals reside here, in peace, with fellow Portlanders.

    The Oregon Zoo, world renown for it’s cutting edge enclosures and unique wildlife, is the place to see animals that you won’t in the wild in the Pacific Northwest. But, it’s not the only place for exotic creatures.

    Enter: The Washington County Fairgrounds.

    For a couple of days, the Washington County Fairgrounds converts into a jungle. For a couple of days, you will forget that you are in the wet, temperate, Pacific Northwest and have entered the land of sweltering rain and strange creatures. Yet, this is cheap travel, with no need for vaccines, passports or long waits with airport Security.

    Venomous snakes, large killer cats, and every type of reptile that you could imagine will be calling the Washington County Fairgrounds home at the beginning of April during the Pacific Northwest Reptile and Exotic Animal show.

    You may be asking yourself: “How is this different from a zoo?”

    Well, I’m glad that you asked!

    It is similar. I will give you that. But, this exotic animal show is more like a petting zoo. Imagine, being able to pet every animal at the Oregon Zoo. Lions, tigers, bears, penguins. That would be something, right?

    Well, that’s kind of what you have here. The Northwest Reptile and Exotic Animal show features more than seventy vendors displaying exotic creatures. They allow you to get up close and personal, to touch them, to interact with them and get to know them in a way that you won’t experience en masse at the Oregon Zoo.

    In addition to the animals and products on display, the show is also an educational experience. Adults and children alike can learn more about these fascinating creatures. Imagine: Jeff Corwin, Jack Hanna, or Steve Irwin as your personal tour guide through the animal kingdom.  Interactive exotic mammal and reptile exhibits teach attendees about new creatures, creatures you may never have heard of—let alone seen in person.

    Heck, you may even learn which animals can do tricks. You never know what you might find out, and that’s why I can’t wait to go. I already bought my ticket and am ticking off the days until April 1st. Tickets are going fast so, get yours now and I’ll see you at the Exotic Northwest Reptile and Animal Show at the Washington County Fairgrounds, just a stone’s throw from Portland, Oregon.

    For more information, visit: http://www.pacnwrs.com/

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