So, I love food. Okay, maybe that’s not anything special. We all love and need food. But, some of us border on food snobbery, aka, Foodies. I fall into this category.

    More than that, I love going out to eat, especially here in Portland, Oregon where there are so many places to go out. It would take you months—if not years—to check out all the dining options available to we Portlanders. So, when I was visiting some friends in Sellwood—one of my favorite Portland neighborhoods, I said “Please, take me to eat. Somewhere new.”

    My friends looked at each other, looked at me, and looked back at each other and nodded. “Follow us” they said.

    I followed them, walking through the historic Sellwood neighborhood, past turn of the century Portland homes, past ma and pa bookstores, boutiques, art galleries, and shops of all kinds. Past bicyclists, dog walkers, joggers, and strollers, down Tacoma Street until hitting a place called Feastworks Delicatessen and Catering.

    Feastworks is a traditional deli where you can both eat on site and purchase meats to prepare at home. Ethan and Ashley Bisagna, the owners of Feastworks, are also trained butchers who’s romance blossomed as lamb butchers. Not your traditional meet cute (no pun intended) for sure, but the cuts of meat here are among the freshest and best available to you in Portland. Simple in design, a black chalk board with delightfully sloppy white chalk cursive writing displays the daily specials and staples of this fine eatery.

    Soups and salads, meatballs, wines and spirits, sandwiches, hot dogs, and All-Day breakfast; a little of everything left me mildly overwhelmed. After some soul searching, I settled on the Corned-beef and gruyere sandwich with an arugula salad. My buddies’ wife chose the soup of the day with the fried potatoes while my buddy opted for the Pinwheel Sausage sandwich (Arugula and picked onions on a brioche bun) with a side of chickpeas marinara. Of course, we each got a nice frosty pint of beer, too.

    We sat and watched the characters residing in Sellwood go by. A couple of tattooed punks walking a Rottweiler, a young mom pushing her baby in stroller, an older couple shuffling along the amiable sidewalks. I couldn’t decide if the people watching or the food made for the better experience. Or maybe it was the company. Or maybe it was all of it. Feastworks Delicatessen was a find I’m glad to have found. It makes the already amazing neighborhood of Sellwood even better. I’ll be back.

    Featsworks delicatessen is located at 1325 SE Tacoma Street in Portland, Oregon.

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