“That’s a great feckin beer.” Greg said. “That’s a great feckin brewer right there.” Greg guffawed. He was the funniest person in the room, in his own mind. It may have had something to do with all of the feckin beer that he was drinking. Or, maybe, that was just Greg.

    But, the joke had merit. It was grounded in truth as all good jokes are We were enjoying a dinner and a drink and the Feckin Brewery and Smokehouse in historic Oregon City.

    Feckin is an Irish pub on McLoughlin Boulevard in Oregon City. We were there not only for the libations and the grub, but, also to check out my friends’ band who was playing that night.

    “Feckin good tunes,” Greg said as they played their first couple of tunes. He was starting to push the joke further than it needed to be.

    It was Saturday night, no wives and no kids. Just two dudes enjoying some good drinks. And, then the waitress brought over our meals. Our nostrils inhaled the sweet aroma of smoked meat. I got the smoked brisketsandwich slow cooked with Applewood. Greg had the pulled pork. I bit into my food and my taste buds went insane with pleasure. I rolled my eyes and licked my lips. “Oh man, That’s a feckin good sandwich.” I said, getting into the Feckin act.

    Greg laughed and scarfed down his pulled pork sandwich. “This place is awesome.” Greg had never been there.

    “I told ya, man. It’s great.”

    Feckin Brewery offers Irish beers with North West influences and, of course, smoked meats and other foods. It’s closed Monday through Wednesday, but, those four days when the doors open are rollicking good days. It’s a typical dive bar, which is my favorite kind of bar, complete with tall ceilings and a concrete floor. The stage where our friends were playing was also made of concrete, but the walls themselves absorbed the sound so, even with all the rock, the rock n roll was still at a comfortable level. Yes. I was getting older. The music could be too loud.

    But, even if the music isn’t your thing, great microbrew and delicious food made this dive bar worth the drive from Portland.

    Oregon City is beginning to rival Portland’s beer scene. Bars like the Feckin Brewery are just one example of why and how.  Maybe you don’t make it out to Oregon City often. But, it’s not as out of the way as you would think, but Feckin Brewery is worth it. I advise you to come check it out. Make it a guy’s night, or a date night. Either way you can’t lose.

    Feckin brewery is located at 415 S McLoughlin in Oregon City.

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