Five Oaks

    The Five Oaks Neighborhood in Beaverton, Oregon hugs the border of Hillsboro, making it an ideal location for anyone wanting to live in an urban area, but not in the big city of Portland, just a few miles to the West.

    This remarkablycomfortable community (I carries a livability ratting of 80, due in large part to it’ affordable housing, high graduation rates, and low crime rate) offers most amenities within less than a mile from the majority of homes. Grrocery stores, ranging from conventional to natural, chain and ma and pa restaurants, ample public transportation, coffee shops, parks, and entertainment attest to the fact that Five Oaks is a desirable and affordable place to live. The majority of homes here were built in the last forty years and have a wide range in values, currently from $130,000 to half a million dollars.

    The neighborhood is young, with nearly half the residents being under the age of 35. It is 58% Caucasian, but has good representations of Asian, African American, Indian, and Hispanic populations. Jobs are plentiful, with Nike and Intel supplying a good chunk of the jobs for those that live in the neighborhood. 33.5% of the Five Oaks population is considered upper middle class. There are very few single story houses here.

    Five Oaks Middle School boasts a top notch student body and a large sprawling field behind the school. This sloping field offers panoramic view of Mt. Hood and is also home to pick up basketball games, ultimate Frisbee, and football games. It also boasts two tennis courts and a baseball diamond.

    Located just off 26, The Five Oaks Neighborhood, while a touch on the spendy side, provides convenient access to Downtown Portland, Hillsboro and Downtown Beaverton. The average commute time is 26 minutes. The area is largely urban and suburban and, as the name would suggest, is filled with trees and natural beauty.

    The Five Oaks Neighborhood does not get as much attention as other Beaverton, Portland, and Hillsboro Neighborhoods but should be a place to consider living if you are looking for a nice suburban neighborhood. Talk to your real estate professional today about homes in Five Oaks.

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