Foam Glow

    Do you know where you will be on June 9th, 2018? If you’re a runner in Portland, Oregon, I know where you SHOULD be: The non-competitive Foam Glow 5K.

    Yes, I hate running. I don’t understand people who run for fun. I don’t understand how the words “Run: and “Fun” end up together so frequently. But, I’m in the minority. Portlanders love to run. So, the Foam Glow 5K might be a good chance to see if it is indeed, possible for running to be fun.

    Put on your best white running outfit because the Foam Glow fun run (see? There’ those two contradictory words together again!) features runners and joggers in all-white clothing navigating Foam Glow zones. These glow zones are really what puts the fun in the run. It can’t be the running itself. That would simply be impossible. The white clothing makes the glow zone come alive as, in the zone, runners are sprayed with a non-toxic glow in the dark foam. Your white clothes, now painted in orange, pink or green, glowing the dark beneath the course’s high-intensity black lights. Your clothes, by runs’ end, will be unrecognizable. You’ll be a colorful rainbow of glow in the dark sweat and fitness.

    That’s quite the image.

    But, maybe the fun really begins when the running stops. That’s the theory that makes the most sense to me. That’s the theory I will go with. After crossing the finish line, the glowing runners head to the after party, where food, drinks, dance music and yes, more foam, await.

    With its neon colors, black lights, DJs, and hundreds of individuals cavorting through foam, the Foam Glow after party looks a lot like an outdoor music festival. But, it feels like a party that you earned. You didn’t just go to a concert and stand and watch for a couple of hours. You earned this one. You walked, jogged or ran five k to get here. That’s more satisfying. Earning your reward is always more satisfying.

    Maybe this year I’ll see if running and funning is possible. I mean, running with the promise of a glow in the dark after party seems somewhat bearable. I know I need to exercise more. I’m not getting any younger. Maybe I’ll join the hundreds of Portland residents who will be doing the Foam Glow 5K this year. Maybe I’ll discover for myself if running can indeed be fun. I suppose it’s worth a shot.

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