Foster Burger

    Boy, do I love a good cheeseburger. Juicy meat cooked just a little pink, topped with melted cheese, onions, ketchup, mustard and a savory bun. Nothing feels more American than biting into a hamburger. It is, perhaps, the quintessential American food.

    In Portland, it’s not hard to find burgers, but it hard to find a burger that will make you say “wow”, out loud. Foster Burger is one such place.

    Located at 53rd and Foster, Foster Burger is everything I want in a burger joint. The first night I visited, there was a dude in the corner playing some smooth jazz. Other small bands and solo artists have graced the Foster Burger in my times here.

    The walls are neatly lined with posters and fliers from Portland bands and concerts: Dead Moon, Heatmiser, Hazel, Pond. Bands I grew up listening to and watching. Bands I still listen to and watch. Foster Burger is an ode to Portland: Another massive check mark in its favor. Specials and menus written on a blackboard. Another plus.

    Then of course, there is the burgers. Traditional grass fed local beef, but also lamb, turkey, veggie and grilled cheese. Choose a basic classic burger, or, take one of the house specialties like the Kiwi (lamb and cheddar with pickled beets), Da ‘Burg (an Italian themed burger), The Forager (a mushroom burger), and many other choices. Beer and liquor are here as well and, during happy hour, you can get $1 off any burger, $2 PBR, $3.50 well drinks and sides for only a buck.

    Of course, in the tradition of all great burger joints, the fresh fries here are delicious and hand cut. But, more than that, they can be a meal in themselves. You can get them smothered in gravy, garnished with cheese curds and even served with pig fat and squid ink. Bu, don’t worry, they have delicious soups and salads too.

    The environment is second to none and, with a large annex, perfect for your next birthday party. But, for today, I think I will just enjoy a juicy burger and a plain old side of fries with my favorite beer. Foster Burger takes me back. From the posters on the wall to the flavors overtaking my mouth, it’s the ultimate place for a burger in southeast Portland.

    If you haven’t been you need to check it out. It’s one of the coolest places in town, with delicious food and an affordable menu. Foster Burger is located at 53rd and Foster in southeast Portland, Oregon.

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