Free Date

    I have a recently single friend. His long term relationship ended and now after taking some time to heal, he is looking to date again. The problem he is facing is that he works in the public sector and doesn’t have a lot of disposable income.

    “How can I ask a woman,” he asked me once, “To date me if I can’t afford to take her out.”

    Money issues aside- that’s not really my business, we live in Portland, Oregon—one of the greatest places to enjoy the company of a significant other without having to break the bank.

    “Multnomah Falls,” I said. “You like to hike. I’m sure plenty of eligible ladies in this city like to hike. Offer to take one to Multnomah Falls. Pack a picnic and go!”

    A week later, he called me and said “I have a date! I am using your idea and packing a picnic lunch and going on a hike!”

    For a moment, I felt like Cupid.

    But it doesn’t have to be Multnomah Falls, located a short 45 minutes east of Portland on I-84; Portland and its surrounding areas are filled with hiking trails aplenty with spots for a romantic getaway with special someone. A few of my favorite include the aforementioned Multnomah Falls, The International Portland Test Rose Garden, Lan Su Chinese Garden, Oregon Historical Society, Sellwood Park, and the art galleries at Reed College, Portland State and all the surrounding community Colleges. The possibilities are nearly endless and, with outdoor and indoor options, year round.

    The great thing about Portland is that the variety of free date ideas means that we can all find something in our area of interest that we can explore for free. Hikers and outdoors people will love Multnomah Falls and other hiking trails. The Rose and Chinese Gardens offer a display of natural beauty unique to this area—and will surely score some points for the menfolk. The art galleries and museums will appeal to the cultural side residing in all of us—and that culture can be entertained for free.

    So don’t let a lack of cash flow affect your social life. Check out some of these free activities in Portland and its surrounding areas, give that special someone a call, dress for the occasion, pack a picnic and enjoy your day. One greater thing about living in Portland is that you can enjoy it on the cheap. So, what are you waiting for? Ask her out.

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