Free Movies


    I’ll admit it; it’s one of my favorite words. Assuming there’s not a catch involved… who doesn’t like something for free? Fill in the blank. Free. You had me at free. It doesn’t really matter what it is. Free, is free, is free.


    Yep, that’s another favorite word of mine. I’m not one of these snobs that calls it a “film” or some other such nonsense. It’s a picture that moves and has sounds. Sounds like a movie to me.

    Combine the two words, “Free” and “Movie” – Free Movie – And I’m one happy camper!

    But, of course, there must be a catch. There has to be, right?


    Going out to movies can be an expensive ordeal. That’s why I don’t go very often. But, I love movies and I wish I could go out and see them more.

    Sometimes, if I feel like watching a movie, there are plenty of venues in Portland, Oregon, I just turn to the Google machine and do a quick search “Free Portland Movies.” Voila! There are tons of venues that offer free movie nights. The movies are not current box-office films, however it’s always good to revisit the classics, or open your mind to the obscure, or even plunge deep into thought with some documentaries. Heck maybe I am a bit of a snob. I don’t like new movies anyway.

    Anyway, here are a few of the local places that offer free movies for your enjoyment:

    Swift Lounge, 9pm, 21+
    1932 Northeast Broadway Street, Portland, OR 97232

    Pix, 8:30pm
    3901 N Williams Ave

    Alberta St. Pub, 9pm
    1036 NE Alberta St.

    Tin Shed, 8pm
    1438 NE Alberta St.

    Tin Shed (outdoor patio) 7:30pm
    1438 NE Alberta St.

    1st Wednesdays
    Mother’s /Velvet lounge, 7:30pm
    212 SW Stark St.

    1st and 3rd Wednesdays,
    Vinideus, 7:30
    4759 NE Fremont St.

    Suzette Creperie and Dessert Café, 7pm
    2921 NE Alberta Street

    3rd Saturdays
    Youth Movie Night (aimed towards young queer and queer-allied people, ages 17-23)
    Q-Center, 7pm
    4115 N Mississipi Ave

    East Burn: double-feature movie night (downstairs and following 6pm trivia)
    1800 E. Burnside

    The Press Club, 9pm
    2621 SE Clinton St.

    Jolly Roger, 10pm
    1340 SE 12th Ave,

    I’ll see you at the movies! Look for me, since I’ll have saved money on the movie itself, I’ll be the one happily drinking a beer and enjoying some grub!

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