Funny Portland

    Living here in Portland is a funny thing. Not funny ha ha—though, there certainly are funny moments (and funny places, like Comedy Sportz club and Helium) but, you know, just life funny. Because life is funny.

    Portlandia captured this idea well.

    I can’t put my finger on it. Keep Portland Weird, the sign says. And keep it weird we do. But weird is not a bad thing, not at all. Weird is normal and weird is interesting and weird is eccentric and artistic. That’s Portland. I mean, just walk down town and see the guy in the business suit with the green hair or walk up Fremont and see someone juggling on a unicycle.

    But, it’s not just the actual oddities. I mean, living in Portland, you’re literally an hour from any type of terrain and climate. That’s kind of funny if you ask me. There are very few places where you can wake up in the valley, surrounded by the biggest, most handsome trees you’ll find anywhere, hop in the family Subaru and be on top of a mountain before your coffee has had time to cool. Or, using the same time frame, end up next to the violent crashing waves of the ubiquitous and grand Oregon Coast, or be windsurfing in the still awe-inspiring Columbia Gorge or be on your way to the high desert of Eastern Oregon.

    Or maybe I mean funny in the sense that there is art everywhere: From the numerous art galleries of West Portland to the myriad statues surrounding this great city, to the architecture itself. Portland is as diverse as it is gorgeous.

    Or, maybe funny really means that it’s just a place where you can care for yourself and for others and for nature. Everyone can get along, even amidst some of the political and social conflicts around the nation and the world. Portland, of course, isn’t immune to these issues, but they seem to bring the city together and create a sense of harmony and compassion. In Portland, we care about out fellow man. We care about the deeper things, the more important things. We are serious, and funny, and quirky, and beautiful, sexy, stunning and, yes, a little snobby. But, it’s okay. To live here is to love here and to love here is to make this place home. There’s no place like home, and there’s nothing funny about it. I love Portland, Oregon. There. I said it.

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