Glowing Greens

    KT Tunstall, the singer/songwriter from Portland, is coming to Portland on 9/28 at the Wonder Ballroom. Ahead of her show here, I was offered the chance to meet with her and help her plan her day prior to the show. When I spoke with her and discovered that she was a bit of a mini golf fanatic—and even had an on-going mini golf tourney with some of her band and crew, I knew exactly where to take her: Glowing Greens Mini Golf.

    In Portland, where half the year—if not more—is rather wet, indoor min golf is a genius way to ensure you can get your put-put on year round. When you add in the fun element of black light, it’s a true win-win.

    Glowing greens, with locations in Portland and Beaverton, is the perfect mini golf escape for parties, couples and individuals. Offering 18 or nine hole packages, Glowing Green provides you with as much or as little mini golf as your schedule allows… and it fits within your budget.

    So, to prepare for KT’s arrival, I visited the Portland location on NW Taylor.

    I was ushered into another world! Completely lit by black lights and occupied by adventurous sounds. The courses here ran the gamut from alien invasions, to pirate ships, to underwater adventures. Yes, with the glowing and black lights, and with the glowing balls, background sounds and adventure, it was a bit of a distraction. But it was a welcome one and I have never had such an enjoyable time mini golfing.

    And everyone was here. Portland hipsters, professors, children, tourists. Glowing Green Mini Golf is an all-inclusive and affordable experience. Of course, this is mini golf, so the short game is key. It always takes me a few holes to adjust and I started on Hole 4 at 4 over. But, after acing that hole and hitting par on below on the rest, I ended up a respectable two under, one of my best games ever. I have to think the black lights had something to do with it.

    Brilliant, really. Indoor mini golf in a climate prone to drizzle and cold. I’ll be going here, frequently. I think KT is going to love it!

    Glowing Greens Mini Golf is located at 509 SW Taylor in Downtown Portland, Oregon and at 3855 SW Murray in Beaverton. It’s a good time for all!

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