You may have heard already, but, we just had a pretty big election. Regardless of your party affiliation, I hope that you went out and exercised your right to vote. After the election on November 8th, I have taken the liberty of highlighting our current Governor, Kate Brown, as well as our federal Senators. These candidates, regardless of party, do a fantastic job of embracing the values of Oregon: family, creativity, individuality, and equality.

    Kate Brown (Governor): Kate Brown was born in Spain in 1960. She has served the state of Oregon for 25 years and was appointed governor on Feb 15th, 2015. She just won her first election against republican challenger, Bud Pearce. During her term in office, she has passed the controversial minimum wage increase. She also increased the length of paid family medical leave in the state of Oregon. She has been married to Dan Little since 1997 and has two stepchildren. She is the first openly bisexual governor in US history. Oregon has not elected a republican governor since 1986.

    Ron Wyden (Senator): Democrat Ron Wyden is the senior US senator for the state of Oregon, having held his seat, with very little opposition, since 1996. Known as a champion of progressive values, Wyden is popular amongst voters and colleagues on both sides of the aisle due to his willingness to cross party lines to get bills passed that are good for the country and, more importantly, for the state of Oregon. His number one goal is helping the state of Oregon, and Oregonians of all political persuasions reward him with new terms every four years. He is currently married to his second wife, Nancy, and he has five children, including twins born in 2007.

    Jeff Merkley (Senator): Democrat Jeff Merkley is the junior senator in the state of Oregon, having won his seat over two term senator Gordon Smith in 2009. Merkley, like Wyden, is a champion of the progressive causes, so important to many in the urban centers in Oregon. Unlike Wyden, however, he is polarizing and often criticized for not crossing party lines for the sake of what’s best for the state and the country. Nonetheless, he remains an important figure on the Portland political landscape. He and his wife Mary have two children and live in Portland, Oregon.

    Regardless of party affiliation Oregon’s political leaders have a goal to work for the State of Oregon and help provide we Oregonians with all the opportunities in the world to be successful.

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