Happy Halloween – The 13th Door

    There are plenty of haunted houses around Portland, Oregon that offer harmless fun: platters of brains (spaghetti), mischievous clowns, good witches, and fake looking skeletons. These are certainly fun experiences that scare everyone enough for a quick scream… but it’s not lasting, it’s not real. It’s kid friendly.

    I love Halloween and this year I wanted something more. I wanted to experience the fear and apprehension that actors starring in horror films feel. Enter: 13th Door.

    13th Door is not your grandparents’ haunted house. No. The 13th Door Haunted House of Oregon provides the best haunted house experience in Portland, if not the country. The house is decorated with a realism that will have you questioning your sanity. The actors portraying various ghouls, goblins, demons and zombies are trained professionals and will certainly have you believing in ghosts. Goodness knows I had trouble sleeping for days after my visit. I loved it.

    I encountered rotting zombies hobbling through a cemetery, I was nearly trampled to death by a horse, I ran for safety to the underground boiling room, but quickly realized my mistake as a pack of rabid dogs, already enjoying the taste of human flesh, laid their eyes upon me with lusty appetites. I ran and ran until I reached an abandoned shed, entered and relaxed– but only for a moment. Taking in my surroundings, I realized I was in a murderer’s torture chamber and had to flee for my life. Clearly, this is not an event for the children… but for adults, it was a great way to relieve (while also inducing!) stress. Clearly, the kids needed to stay home, tucked safely in their beds.

    The 13th Door is the most experienced and oldest haunted house in Portland, and, this year, they have moved to an even larger location. Now, the scares are bigger, the possibility of getting lost is greater and the monsters are more plentiful. Now located at 3855 SW Murray off of TV Highway in Beaverton,13th Door is centrally located– closer to anyone living in the Portland/metropolitan area looking to be scared witless this Halloween.

    And, if you can’t make it by All Hallows Eve, don’t worry. Experience extra creepiness after Halloween when the Haunted House goes pitch black and visitors are given a small LED light to navigate through the horrors. It’s a whole new level of fright and terror.

    Certainly 13th Door is not for the faint of heart– and definitely not for the children. But, visiting here is a thrill and a half and will surely– if you escape that is, help you appreciate the safe city you live in. 13th Door is just one more thing Portland, Oregon offers.

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