Laughter is the best medicine. Few things like a bout of roaring laughter can soothe the troubles of our often stressful lives. Laughter actually helps with your physical health. Laughter lowers blood pressure, improves your countenance, relieves stress and improves your mood. Seriously, even the most downtrodden and sullen amongst us still enjoys a good, hearty belly laugh.

    Funny movies can be a great way to get that needed laughter, but one way that I like more than any other is stand up comedy. Luckily, right here in Portland, we have one of the best comedy clubs in the country in Harvey’s Comedy Club, Portland Oregon’s all night comedy club for more than twenty years.

    Harvey’s may not have the name recognition of the Laugh Factory, Los Angeles’s notorious comedy club, but it has housed a number of fine upcoming and well established comedians, and promises a different headliner each week– a headliner sure to have you falling out of your seat and busting buttons on your shirts.

    But Harvey’s is not just about getting your yucks and giggles. They have a food and beverage menu (which can be enjoyed from the Hoyt Dining Room or at your table in the show room) that would be the envy of any restaurant in Portland, Oregon– or anywhere else in the world for that matter. From appetizers like their delicious spinach/artichoke dip and skin on french fries, to healthy and fresh salads, to entrees like shrimp scampi, salmon fillets and filet mignon, you will have no problem finding something delicious to eat. Pre-order a meal for $45 per person, gratuity included and get your fill before you get your laughs. There is even an impressive drink menu.

    But, it’s the laughs and the comics that keep people coming back and it’s these laughs and these comics that have kept Harvey’s humming and laughing since 1992. With a fresh lineup, with multiple performances by each headliner and with comics ranging from the world famous to hidden gems, Harvey’s is an experience that can be had over and over again.

    Harvey’s is located conveniently on the outskirts of downtown Portland on NW 6th avenue, within sight of Union Station. It’s a Portland institution and a mainstay for a reason. But, don’t let me tell you about the laughs, come and check them out for yourself.

    Harvey’s Comedy Club is located at 436 NW 6th Avenue in Portland. Call 503-241-0388 for more information.

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