Haunted Beer

    Mother’s Day seems to get all the love and affection. Even in my “old age” my own mom starts dropping hints about Mother’s Day weeks before the actual day. I never forget. I’m kind of afraid too, if I’m being honest.

    What this means, though, is that sometimes dad gets left by the wayside. Overlooked and underappreciated. But my dad is awesome and that is the last thing that I want. I want to show him how much I care so, this Fathers’ Day, I am opting for something super cool and special—just like he is.

    Like many dads, mine likes beer. Like some dads, mine also likes creepy and spooky stuff. And, this being Weird Portland, there is actually one brewery tour that allows you to experience both of these things: Beer Quest Haunted Pub Tour.

    Beginning at Kell’s Irish Pub amidst the stunning old buildings and cobblestone streets of the Old Town Historic District in downtown Portland, Oregon, Beer Quest takes you on a guided walking tour through many of the establishments that, at the turn of the last century, were home to many of Portland’s less savory episodes. Those lawless, amoral days are long behind us, but have set the stage for some terrific haunted history. And, what better way to celebrate those wild years than with some delicious craft beer?

    This year-round, hair-raising walking tour will take my dad and I through these haunted pubs where we will hear first-hand accounts of recent paranormal encounters. Even if you’re skeptical (like me) about the existence of ghosts and the veracity of the claims of pubs being haunted, the tour guide will no doubtdelight with stories from Portland’s early days when Old Town Portland was home to nefarious deeds, including drug trafficking, elicit gambling, and a preponderance of the world’s oldest profession.

    There were also these folks called “Crimps”.  These guys were professional kidnappers whose widespread abduction tactics earned Portland the dubious distinction of being the most dangerous port city of the western hemisphere in the 1890s.

    Those days are long behind us, of course, but the history is fascinating nonetheless. I can’t wait to hear these firsthand accounts and open up my skeptic’s eye to some new experiences.

    It’s a two-and-a-half-hour tour, and includes stops at two pubs and up to six beer samples. I’m really looking forward to it and I can’t wait to tell my dad about it. It’s going to be a fascinating blast from the past and is yet one more reason why I love living in Portland, Oregon.

    To book your tour, check out their website at https://beerquestpdx.com/tours/haunted-pub/.

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