Haunted Forest

    The Enchanted Forest is the Northwest’s version of Knotts Berry Farm but without the corporate undertones. Filled with rides, waterslides, whimsy, and fun, the Enchanted Forest located an hour south of Portland, Oregon in the states’ capital of Salem, is a must for any visitor or resident of the Portland/Metropolitan area. And, of course, it’s family owned too boot… it doesn’t get much more Portland than that.

    But, it turns out, maybe Enchanted is not the right adjective the describe this forest. Haunted Forest, perhaps, might be more apropos. This is what we all found out on June 23rd of 2018 when Enchanted Forest was featured on the Travel Channel program ‘Ghost Adventures.’

    Yes, in addition to all of the above listed revelry, that’s not all the Forest has to offer. You may get a truly supernatural experience as well.

    According to the episodes’ blurb: “Zak and the crew [of ‘Ghost Adventures] investigate strange phenomena at a beloved amusement park in Turner, Oregon. The discovery of a bloody battle on the grounds of the park leads Zak to believe a residual energy could be responsible for the manifestations.”

    In a press release from Enchanted Forest, the show’s investigative team visited the family-owned theme park for three days in February. During their stay, the team spoke with the owner, Roger Tofte, and slept overnight at the theme park to investigate the “strange energy” felt by staff and guests in the haunted house (doesn’t this seem ironic?), Challenge of Mondor, and many other areas of park.

    This alone excites me to go back, though the only “strange energy” that I have ever felt there is that strange sensation of near nauseous exuberance after riding a roller coaster.

    But, the episode hits a little closer to home for one of the investigators. In that same press release, it is revealed that Aaron Goodwin, one of the show’s investigators, grew up in Oregon and visited Enchanted Forest with his family as a child—as many of us did. He claims that on these visits, he had his own strange, super natural experiences.

    I watched the show, as I always do, and I found the evidence to be to be interesting, though, I am an eternal skeptic when it comes to ghosts. It was still an interesting watch and it’s always fun to watch something that you’re familiar with on national television.

    I’ll keep going to Enchanted Forest—as I’ve no doubt that many of you will—and now I have an added reason. Do ghosts live at Enchanted Forest? I have no idea. But I know fun and nostalgia do.

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