Healthy Portland

    Raise your hand if you made a New Years’ Resolution to lose some weight and be more healthy?

    I See those hands.

    Now, raise your hand if you broke that resolution?

    I think I see more of those digital hands raised up everywhere. I know mine is up, literally and figuratively.

    Well, fortunately it’s not too late and, here in Portland, Oregon and the Portland metro area, losing weight and getting healthier is easy.

    One of the keys to losing weight and being healthy is eating right. Yes. Welcome back to grade school. This is common knowledge. Luckily, in Portland, Oregon, eating right is easy. Whether you want to purchase food from a farmers market or visit one of the many health food stores in the area, cooking for yourself  with fresh ingredients is maybe the best way to ensure a healthy diet and shed those pounds. However, if you’re not skilled in the kitchen, or just plain don’t want to go that route, healthy eateries abound in this foodie haven. Check out Canteen on Stark, Harlow on Hawthorne, or Blossoming Lotus on North East 15th for some healthy dining out options.

    For my next Captain Obvious’ health tip, exercise is another great way to stay trim and fit. Luckily, in Portland and the surrounding areas, there are innumerable hiking trails, bike trails and outdoor activities to keep you active and healthy and entertained. With the throes of winter dissipating and spring and summer—always glorious here in Portland—on their way, there is no excuse to stay cooped up inside. Get out there and explore all that Portland,Oregon has to offer. Really want to challenge yourself? Check out an organized event like the Spartan Race. These organized events—and there are tons of them in Portland—are great because they are a true challenge, but also a great way to win prizes, and to get to know your friends and neighbors and other outdoor enthusiasts—and, there are usually prizes.

    Which brings me to my next point: Socializing. Folks who socialize live longer, happier lives. We are social creatures, designed to spend time with others. I’m not saying that simply socializing with others will shed those pounds—it won’t—but it ill make you happier, and happiness is great for your overall health. And, since Portland is such a friendly city, socializing is no problem. Whether it’s just taking a walk, eating outdoors at one of the downtown eateries, attending a festival or a sporting event, or going out to the karaoke bar, get out there and socialize. Make some friends. Get out there and discover what makes Portland such a great place to live.

    Here’s a happy and healthy 2018—with many, many years ahead.

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