Heavy Metal Brewing

    Two of my favorite things in this world are heavy metal music and freshly brewed beer. Thankfully, living in Portland, both of these things are easy to come by. But, rarely are they available in one venue. But, thanks for Heavy Metal Pizza and Brewing Company just over the bridge in Vancouver, some genius decided to combine both. And combine them in spectacular fashion.

    I walked in and the concrete floors and picnic style tables reminded me of a good ole dive bar. A bar where in the 80’s I may have been able to catch bands like Ratt, Poison, Great White, and maybe even Motley Crue. With one look around The Heavy Metal Brewing Co’s taproom, past those floors and those tables, it was obvious to me that the brewery is passionate about three things that I am also quite passionate about: 80’s music, craft beer, and food.

    Industrial style decor: Corrugated-metal walls festooned with electric guitars. Dark colors, accessible staff. There’s also a stage for live performances and a deli/pizza kitchen that concocts and serves  artisan-style pizzas and Italian-themed sandwiches. There’s also a plethora of drinks available, including twenty-five beers on tap—three from The Heavy Metal Brewing Co—along with house wine and small-batch soda. Pineapple Cream ale, Slippery When Wet (A Crisp, refreshing blonde ale, casually hopped with Cascade Hops and just the right blend of specialty malts), Mango Ale, Painkiller, Metal Meltdown, and Brown Ale top the list of fine and unique beers—but the list certainly does not stop there.

    My wife is not a metal fan, so she did not join me on this excursion. Instead, me and my buddy Joe—we used to have a band call “Fork Face”—made the worthwhile trek across the Bridge into Vancouver. We talked about life and our dead but glorious rock star dreams. We head banged to some live metal and stuffed our ever-growing faces with more pizza and beer than we could handle. We had zero regrets. We created good memories and reminisced on old ones.

    Heavy Metal Brewing isn’t a cozy little brew pub. It’s unique and totally tubular in its own way. It’s not in Portland, but it’s close enough that it could be included amongst the number of cool breweries in the area. It’s definitely a great experience, and, even if you don’t like metal any fan of beer and pizza should whole heartedly approve.

    The Heavy Metal Pizza and Brewing Company is located at 809 MacArthur Blvd in Vancouver, Washington.

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