Heavy Metal Brewing

    I love heavy metal. The heavier the better. The more shreddy the guitar, the more bombastic the drums the more guttural or shrieky the vocals, the better! It gets me going, excites me and helps me through hard days. My wife hates it so, of course, it’s relegated to my drive time to and from work, or through the comfort of my head phones.

    I also love beer: This is something my wife and I, good Portlanders that we are, have in common. I like beer for many of the same reasons that I like Heavy Metal Music. So, you can imagine my utter glee when I encountered the Heavy Metal Brewing Company, just over the bridge from Portland in Vancouver, Washington.

    So, I donned my favorite pair of Spandex, my ill-fitting (now) Def Leppard Shirt and my mullet wig. The 80’s have never been far from my closet, so, getting ready for a trip across the Bridge to Heavy metal brewing Company was a breeze for me. My wife was decked out in denim and wore enough hair spray to rip another hole in the ozone layer.

    We hopped in the car, and off we were. We arrived and, with one look around the taproom, I knew this was the place to be for my heavy metal/beer fix. It was like Sunset Boulevard—at least from the inside. It’s was clear that the brewery was passionate about three things: 80s music, craft beer, and food. Corrugated-metal walls festooned with electric guitars and photographs of my favorite 1980’s heavy metal groups: Poison, Motley Crue, Skid Row. Designed to be like an underground 80’s metal club, the industrial-inspired space which features a stage for live performances, plenty of seating and some radical food.

    My wife, doing her best Lita Ford impression, found us a seat while I ordered us a beer. This took longer than expected, with more than twenty-five choices available (not to mention the tooth decaying temptation of small batch soda). But, the choice was made and then it was time to order. A burger seemed nice, but, I wanted something different and this place I known for having totally tubular pizza and bitchin’ sandwiches. As a Def Leppard cover band began to sound check, we decided on the pizza. While we waited, we sipped our beers (the price point here is a bit higher than other brew pubs, so we wanted to be conservative. Forget the excess of the 80’s, this is the reality of the two thousand teens.)

    The pizza, when it arrived, lived up to the billing. It may have been the best I have ever had. Gooey cheese, a generous portion of toppings, delicious crust and piping hot; this was a perfect pie.

    Between the killer tunes, the bodacious pizza, the totally awesome beer, and the babe next to me, this was a perfect night out. So close to Portland that, if I was so inclined, I could make this a weekly thing. And, who knows. I might just do that,

    Heavy Metal Brewing Co.is located at 809 Macarthur Blvd in Vancouver, less than fifteen minutes from Downtown Portland.

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