Portland, Oregon kind of prides itself on being cool, trend setting, and creative. Whether that creativity expresses itself in the visual arts, in music, in craft beer, or in cooking, it’s something that we take a lot of pride in.

    Additionally, we have sort of a punk rock, DIY attitude.

    And, with many things, we adhere to that ancient proverb that says, “Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, teach him how to fish and he will eat forever.”

    So, what if there was a way to combine all the above elements while still maintaining our level of cool? Well, as you may have already guessed it… in Portland there is! Portland Hip Cooks.

    Hip Cooks is a cooking class in an urban setting, promising to teach you new flavors and make new friends.  I’m the primary cook in our home so, I’m always looking for new dishes to delight my family with. And even though I have plenty of friends, a few more couldn’t hurt, right? You can never have too many friends. That’s probably a proverb somewhere, too.

    Hipcooks offers practical cooking lessons for the novice and the experienced cook alike. And, they cook like I do! They don’t allow you to bring measuring cups, measuring spoons or anything else recipe-ish. Like me, they prepare delicious dishes using all five senses. Whenever I make something at home that my wife really likes, she says: “Please make it this exact way again.” I assure her, every time, that I cannot. But she never complains about the end result.

    My first class was a blast and I brought along my wife; not that she planned to cook. But, she wanted to partake in the dinner party concluding the class. I learned additional ways to cook healthy food for my family. I was taught knife skills and I had an absolute blast. It was a great experience with me and twenty other local “chefs.”

    Classes cost $70. That $70 includes fresh, local, organic (wherever possible) ingredients, plus cooking tools and supplies and a wine tasting with dinner. While they do welcome all skill levels, minors are not allowed.

    That’s just as well, though. My wife and I enjoyed creating and eating and talking before making the trek back home through Portland, Oregon.  It was hip, cool, DIY and an absolute must do again and again experience.

    For more information, please visit http://portland.hipcooks.com/. Let’s cook together, Portland!

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