Horning’s Hideout

    You have to be looking for it, Horning’s Hideout. It’s off the grid. The MAX won’t really get you close, TriMet will mock your efforts, GPS will constantly search for a route and never find it. Horning’s Hideout, nestled in the rural foothills of North Plains, Oregon– West of Hillsboro, Northwest of Portland, Oregon– is worth the effort it takes to find it.

    Horning’s Hideout is a resort and, despite its off the mappedness– it’s close to home. It doesn’t matter if home is Portland, Hillsboro, the Coast, Vancouver, Beaverton or anywhere in between. Horning’s Hideout provides hours (even days) of fun, enjoyment, peace and relaxation.

    After driving up the windy road, through the glorious vineyards and lush greenery of North Plains, we pulled into Horning’s Hideout. Down a gravel road, hugged by majestic evergreens, we reached a quaint little shop, manned by a friendly young woman who took our $4 day use fee and wished us well. We parked and took in our surroundings.

    Peacocks. The first thing we noticed were peacocks; the beautiful feathered birds strutted around like they owned the joint. And they do. They had babies, too. Have you ever seen baby peacocks? A-Dor-A-Ble. But, in the distance, what was that? A serene man made lake. Paddle boats moseyed through the water, fishermen and fisher women quietly sat with poles in the water and visited while waiting for the nibbles to turn into bites. And, don’t worry. You have to keep what you catch and, with grills literally inches from fishing sites, meals can be quick, easy and plentiful (but, be sure to pay for your rainbow trout first. $6-7 per pound). Fishing at Horning’s does not require a license and, you don’t even have to lug gear since they do that for you. They are happy to provide it as part of your day fee.

    Don’t forget the disc golf. Four courses of fun and exercise while enjoying nature. This is how I discovered the place. A buddy of mine who plays disc golf heard about this place and now, it’s the only course he plays.

    And weddings. Great for the summer months and in a setting that will make that picture perfect day even more exquisite. Delightful gazebos, dance floors, and landscaped perfection– your wedding day will be well-remembered by all in attendance. Horning’s Hideout is perfect for any and all occasions. It’s a little piece of paradise close to home and well within nearly all budgets.

    You can also stay the night and with WIFI hot spots and new showering facilities, you can go rustic without going stinky.

    Next time you want a memorable day out with the family, consider Horning’s Hideout. Visit their website at http://www.horningshideout.com/?view=home for directions and additional information.

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